Friday, November 14, 2014

November 10, 2014 - Hi Everyone!

So to start off we had transfers and we now have 2 new missionaries in the house. One from Peru and the other from Utah. It is a good change and we seem to get along pretty well. I am happy to have that change. The house seems to be more spiritual which is good. It isn´t always easy to stay focused but we do our best!

I am working to find the good balance of having fun but being as obedient as possible. Lately that has been a little bit hard but I keep working at it.

Today we played some baseball, though I just played catch really. My comp always wants to play so I just go with the flow. Then I got a nice nap. I also got some Passion Fruit juice. That is very good and we get juice a couple times a week now. I also found some cookies and cream powder soy milk which I have fallen in love with! So good (regular milk doesn´t last here really).

So on Saturday the Branch President´s 8 year old son was baptized. I was asked to participate in the conformation which was the first time for me here in the DR (I got to participate once with Alex Cheney´s baptism I remember!)

The Pimentel Family came to church and yesterday we reviewed what it takes to be baptized so now they know what they need to focus on. They feel good in church and we are going to keep helping them and doing our best so they can feel the blessings of the Lord. Miguel a 25 yr old single adult came to church. He is reading the Book of Mormon and we see potential for him if he truly wants to change is life. We are hoping he can make Dec. 6th with his church assistance and a true conversion and testimony. The Pimentel family we are working for the 13th or 14th of December if possible.

We also have the Fam Encarnacion. The mom came to church for like 1 and a half hours which was good. That was the first time. Supposedly the dad was on the way, but he had a problem. We pray next week they can make it and he can truly feel a desire. We are planning on watching the Joseph Smith video with both families this week. Half now, half later. We are excited for that, so they can have stronger testimonies or receive them.

On Saturday we also made dinner for Marilin and Jose Luis as a service. I made my pasta with salami and onion and garlic and potatoes with sweetened condensed milk as the sauce. It looked good.

We had fast Sunday which went well. Hno Marion (dad of Pimentel Fam) said he wanted to get up to share but didn´t know if he could but he said next time he will! That would have been so cool, but next time!

Too bad RSL lost big. Tough luck. Also too bad the Utes couldn´t pull off a big upset. Sounds like they had a good chance. Well gotta keep playing hard!

I can´t believe how quick the time is passing wow. It is weird. Days like weeks, weeks like days!

I am happy to be in the same area, as we have some great investigators. It isn´t always easy but it is good. I hope to keep helping people come unto Christ!

I am close to finishing Jesus the Christ. Only 4 chapters left! Wow that is crazy!

W o the W is holgazán which means lazy (more or less)

I hope everyone is doing well, especially all of my missionary buddies and their respective families. Be safe everyone!

I believe that is all so I hope that I got to questions and such!


Elder Chez Green

November 3, 2014 - Stake Conference and Miracles

Hi Family!

Well the miracle is that the Pimentel Family made it to Stake Conference. Barely, but they made it! Wahoo. We told them to meet us at 8:30 at the church but there was no power the whole night. We called at 8 20 and they weren´t answering so we decided to go to their house. Turns out their phone wasn't charged so they didn´t get up on time! Ah so we were stressing a little that the bus was going to leave us! But they hurried and got ready which turned out great! And we all got on the bus right at 9 when it was supposed to leave. Whew! And it was a good conference. They got to meet Pres. Corbitt and the Stake President as well. An Area 70 also talked named Elder Acosta from the DR. It was a fun conference. The night before we had some youth investigators come to the youth-adult session which was awesome!

The highlight with the family is that they truly enjoyed the conference and Hno Marino (the dad) said he is reading the Book of Mormon everyday because he likes it a lot. They have a lot of questions but we are working with them to put a goal for baptism. They need to get married still though.  Their kids are participating a little as well, though the dad is for sure the most excited about it all which is good. We are way excited for them.

The mission is going well. There are a lot of ups and downs lately and it sure isn´t always easy, but we are very happy about the family we are working with. The other family is not progressing as well. Their daughters and son came to the night session but the parents don´t seem to have made a good decision yet. We will keep working with them though. As for other investigators we have some, but they still need to show more of a desire.

As for the transfers, I am staying with my comp again which I somewhat assumed. Pres. also asked me to be District Leader again.

Too bad the Utes football lost. Darn but sounds very close. Awesome that the bball and football teams are both ranked! Way cool go Utah!

Too bad RSL only got a tie. Sounds like they dominated pretty well.

Awesome that the whole family will be getting visits this holiday season. I hope you all enjoy it!

Really those are the highlights from the week.

Oh funny story is that we met a guy on the road who started talking to us and telling us that after the Second coming only the Russians and Chinese will be left. It was interesting but I guess that is his opinion.

There are a lot of Characters here for sure. Well life is good. Not easy but good. Today I took a long nap because on Saturday we couldn´t sleep because it was so hot and there were no fans. But its all going better now!

I love you all. Hello to family, friends and all the ward members!


Elder Chez Green