Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 13, 2015 - Hello Family

Well I had an interesting week. Never a dull moment. This week I made a habinero salsa that was nice and spicy. I made it homemade. Well it turns out that touching it a lot really burns. Ya it did and it was starting to get super painful. So in desperation my comp said, ¨Put some Vicks vapor rub on it!¨ So I did it. Wow ten times worse! Oh did it burn. My hand was in a bucket of water for 3 or 4 hours until we walked to the pharmacy (with the bucket) and I bought an anti allergy pill and some hydro cortisone cream. Then I took the pill and put on the cream and went to bed. It was painful but it slowly went away. In the end I am fine and there is no permanent damage. I threw away the salsa but now I want some more again. If I do it, I'll use gloves this time!

But overall all is well! Today we played soccer. I got a little sun burnt but I am well. I am happy to be here. We had some investigators at church like always. Like 14 I think. We are just having trouble getting people to commit to baptism. That is really what we need right now. But we will keep working. 

We have some good youth to work with and they are progressing. We have also met some families but they are not progressing as of now. Hopefully soon though! I love the ward here and the members. We have great leaders! Transfers are next week but we will see what happens. I feel like I will go to a new area but we will see!

I had exchanges and that was good. A little change up which is always nice! I also gave a talk to the zone on stress and how the Area 70 President Elder Cornish put it, stress is really just pride because we are thinking about ourselves more than others. And I talked about how we need to always be serving and looking to help others so they may feel less stress. It was enjoyable. A good council that I need to put in practice as well!

Cool experience just now. I just contacted the guy at this new Internet place! Our normal one was closed. And he wants to learn more so we are going to pass by in the week. Totally worth a couple minutes of my time! The Lord always has a plan!

But cool that Duke won. Good stuff thanks for the updates. And that RSL is still fighting as always is good. Hopefully they can keep improving!
I played soccer today and that was fun too. I hope all is well and you re all happy!
Well I love you all. Be safe and keep on keepin´ on!


Elder Chez Green

Monday, April 13, 2015

April 6, 2015 - A Temple in Thailand! Happy Easter!

What great news and what a great General Conference! I hope everyone got to see it and enjoy the messages sent! Wow so awesome! Well I want everyone to know I love them tons and that God does too. He is aware of all of us. The General Conference was very inspiring. I got to see all 5 sessions, and three of them I watched in English. Two were in Spanish. It was good because I understand both, but I enjoy it in English more. Less work! I felt like they truly talked to me! I had 6 favorites. Uchtdorf´s on Sunday morning, Elder Bednar, Elder Holland! Elder Wilford Andersen, Elder Ballard in Priesthood and Brent H Nielson.

Wow Elder Holland had me on the edge of my seat with that story. He did well. And the Spirit was strong throughout the conference. A temple in Haiti is awesome too! I was with a Haitian member living here and he was so happy! Before the priesthood we went and got burritos at the same place they sell the destroyer hot dogs. Yummy stuff. On Sunday we contacted a cool new family which we hope can progress. This was after the conference. Overall 10 investigators came to one of the 5 conference sessions. We were waiting for more but all is well in the end!

I hope we can all follow the counsel given and keep improving each day. I have had an enjoyable week really! There was a huge centipede in our house and that was creepy. It is about 6 inches long. We have no idea where it came from, but it was raining so it came in. Gave me the heeby geebies! But my comp cut it`s head off (there is a video) and then we burnt it with bug spray and matches (also a video). We don´t want any more to come in! haha so great though.

So I finished the service with Hno Wilkins. It was a great success. He is a great guy! Um we have some good families we are working with, including a mom and daughter that want to be baptized. A young kid as well and a less active family where the dad is not a member. Great stuff really!
Today we went to Megacentro, I bought an umbrella, and a domino and some souvenirs. A little expensive but it is what I wanted. All is well really!
Crazy that Kentucky lost, but that is a good thing I would say! Should be a good game!
WoW is Semana Santa which means Holy Week. It has now ended!
It is raining right now, so I used my new umbrella wahoo! Good stuff. We are doing well here really, not sure what else to say!

I miss Hawaiian Haystacks. I wanted them so bad haha. We made lunch and took it to the conference. It was good. I used some Habinero peppers in a dish - yummy!

Be safe everyone! 


Elder Chez Green