Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pictures from the DR

May 26, 2014 - Hello Lovely Family

Hi Family,

It has been another week and a new transfer. The news is that this will only be a 4 week transfer and then an 8 week transfer is coming. Well we will see how that all goes but for now I am happy. Pres and Hna Hernandez leave the mission at the end of this transfer.

So the biggest and best news for this week is the baptism that we had for Samuel! Wahoo it was awesome. He got there early and we took a lot of pictures. Investigators for us and for the other Elder´s showed up as well. And the surprising part is...

Pres and Hna Hernandez also showed up! Wow I wasn´t expecting that at all. It was pretty cool though. Another 14 yr old got baptized for the other Elders. It was a pretty fun experience and I enjoyed it a lot. The baptism room was so full and we didn´t have room for everyone but it all turned out well. It was what you want from a baptism, spiritual with a lot of support and everything. Pretty awesome! E. Turketo´s first one! He was pretty happy about it I believe which is cool.

The other big news is that next week we will be having a baptism as well! That is pretty cool. Her name is Eufemia and she has come to church for over 2 years and she is very consistent. She lives with her spouse and they have done everything possible to get the papers worked out but it has never come through, so she hasn´t been able to be baptized. But she had an interview with the Stake Pres and then with the ZL´s and Pres. Hernandez has given special permission that she may get baptized. Pretty awesome! She wants the ward mission leader to do it and we are all for that. The whole ward is very excited for her!

Today was parque del este and I got sunburned. It was fun though. I played soccer with my new shoes and I really enjoyed that. I am a happy camper! This week I have had an ingrown toenail which hasn´t been the funnest but it is getting better. Hna Larsen who is in my district is a nurse and she cleaned it all for me and helped get some of the worst parts out of there. Then the swelling has gone and I am taking pills for the infection. It feels so much better and I hope to keep it that way. You know stubborn ole me I didn´t want to go see the mission doctor but now it is feeling better so it all worked!

It seems all is going well at home! Wow Donovan got cut from the USA! I did not expect that! Crazy news! So the Memorial Day Breakfast. I love that! Tell the ward hi please!

Wow Nat Borchers has a crazy beard but that is super awesome! Maybe I should have one like that when I get back!

Congrats to Shantaye on making concert choir! So awesome! Way to go little sis! Congrats to Alex on his decision to keep playing soccer. I know that will be awesome for him! Well I think that is really all. There are other things but no time to waste. The work is ahead of us! Talk to you all next week and be safe!


Elder Chez Green

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Chez with Samuel, the zone, las hermanas and mangos for breakfast . . .

May 19, 2014 - Hey Fam! Transfer time , , ,

And the big news is, I am staying here as district leader and my companion is E. Turketo! But one guy in our house is changing. The other big news is this transfer is only 4 weeks and the next will be 8 because the new mission pres is coming in. It will be interesting how it all works out but I get to spend some more good time with E. Turketo! Wahoo we are both pretty stoked about that part! And we will both be here for the baptism of Samuel which is this Saturday. He had his interview and did great. We are excited for him! His mom came to church this week which was great! We are still working with the Valdez family and have an appt with them tonight!

So on Thursday I had a good experience. After I gave my talk we went with the zone leaders and planned. On the bus I was passing by someone to sit next to them, there was a metal piece sticking out on the seat and yes, I ripped my pants and my undergarment too. It was about an inch size hole but E. Lara sealed it up for me which was super nice of him!

Thanks again for the package. The food is delicious. I love the body wash as well! So the changes have come but there aren´t a ton. Today I had problems with the internet so I am working a little faster.

W of W is bautismo which is baptism! Today we cleaned the house, like a deep clean. I swept and mopped and it was just us 2 because another E. in the house got kidney stones last night. Ouch. They left in the middle of the night to the clinic. We also went to Parque del este to play a little with some other elders. It was fun and relaxing. Last night we had a missionary work devotional for the whole stake and we as missionaries sang for it. It was pretty cool! We hope to see the fruits of our labor.

I got a letter from Aunt Theo which was great. Well I am not sure what else to say with this short time. I love you all and keep praying personally please. It is so important and our Father in Heaven always wants to hear from us. Be safe! love you all!


Elder Chez Green

Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 12, 2014 - Mother's Day Video Call

May 12, 2014 - Hi All!

Hello Everyone,

A special shout out to my Mother as it was her Mother´s Day yesterday! It was great talking to everyone. The 4 way Skype was perfect and exactly what I wanted. Then talking to Dad for 15 minutes was awesome as well! It was a great time! I feel so proud to have such a great family! Thanks for everything.

A special hello to all those I didn´t get to talk to. I am always thinking about you family! I hope Grandma and Grandpa are doing well as well as all of Dad and Mom´s family! I love you all!

So this week went well. On Tuesday I came down with another fever and I am not sure why. It wasn´t too high but not enjoyable. We did an exchange with the ZL´s and my comp went out and kept working! That was nice. Then on Wednesday it was my first Leadership Conference or meeting! That was pretty cool. I get to listen to some good talks, especially by Pres. Hernandez. He talked about being a good leader, but especially for after the mission! Pretty awesome! I got the package that day as well! Happy day!

I loved the package! All the candy is delicious and the body wash and RSL things. Just what I needed thank you! I am a happy camper. Thursday was district meeting and then Sunday I called home. That was pretty much the week.

Today we played some soccer and dominoes. I was partners with Hna Larson from AZ and we won! She was just learning how to play but it was pretty fun! We also ate hamburgers too. That was delicious!

A Peruvian family in our ward cooked us lunch on Saturday! Church was good though only a couple investigators were able to make it. I hope we can keep working with the Valdez Family but we will see. They are hard to find at home.

Awesome news about the prelim squad for USA! I hope they can advance out of their group. Glad RSL pulled a come back too! Wahoo! Awesome news that RSL also got a win in Houston! That has been forever. Boo ya keep breaking records and making history! Sounds like playoffs are great and that Durant is just a class act! Wahoo!

The Cheney boys looked great with Rimando! Sorry my comp didn´t talk more. I forgot about the accent. We mostly talk in Spanish so I don´t get to enjoy it much either sadly. But it is okay! It was great talking to everyone!

Well the time has gone by fast as always! I love you all be safe out there. A big shout out to all my friends, especially those on their missions. I hope the Lynch´s and Mortimer´s and Mossman´s enjoyed talking to their sons! Be safe! Love y├íll!


Elder Chez Green

May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014 - Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Wow I can truly say that now with pride now that I speak Spanish (mostly). I hope everyone is doing well! I know 5 de Mayo is a Spanish American holiday but I am practically that now. More than half my family speaks Spanish so it is all good.

I don´t believe they celebrate it here, not much anyway! It is still fun to remember. So to celebrate (but not really) I went to Megacentro. It is a mall here in the DR. Super cool and it has a lot of nice stores. I felt back in the States with the American Music and a huge mall with really nice stores. I sent a couple pictures of it but there aren´t a ton. It has a movie theater and two levels. Pretty darn awesome!

So the gift to myself was this- Nike Mercurial Indoor or Turf cleats! So awesome and I am so happy! They are black and have a white Nike logo and the words Nike. I sent pictures. I am so happy. We play soccer here a lot and I have been looking to buy some like this for a while. I finally found what I was looking for. They were about the same price as in the USA but they said they just came in, and are brand new which is awesome. I know it wasn't completely necessary but so worth it! I wanted them really bad and now I have them. I am a happy camper here!

It was perfect because I used them right after buying them. There is a futsal court in the parking garage underneath Megacentro. We got the security guard to unlock it and played there for 2 hours about. So the shoes I just bought were just used! And boy were they great! I felt like I was playing soccer normally again. Before I was using running shoes and it just isn´t the same! Now I can play and really enjoy it!

I heard RSL won on the road this week! Wahoo! Beat the Fire at the end of the game! Way to go boys. I am so excited for them. They are my team! I also have heard Liverpool is doing well. 2nd place I believe. And I got info about the world cup. I now know the groups more or less. USA has a very difficult draw. Looks like the death group but I know they can win! I will keep cheering for them here!

So today after playing soccer in the basement of Megacentro with my new cleats, we ate some good BBQ in the mall and then I got Italian Ice Cream. It was expensive but worth it. I don´t visit the malls much so I was enjoying it a lot! Then we came back and showered. Now I am sitting here feeling sore after playing so much. I played with E. Valencie and E. Jeppsen and other missionaries. It was great to see my good buddies!

So about the Valdez Family. Their date fell through again which was planned for the 17th of May. Only part of the family visited the church this Sunday so we need to wait or baptize them separate or something. We are not going to make them do anything so we will keep working with them and hope they progress. It turns out the Mom is a helper in another Church and is still visiting that one. We have been specific about praying and finding out for yourself but it looks like they haven´t been completely honest. I am not sure but we will keep going.

Samuel is still doing well! We have his baptism planned for the 24th of May, which is right after transfers. We are excited for him and he seems pretty excited as well. I just hope and pray he keeps visiting! And that he is a strong member and keeps going through his adolescents. That is what worries me a little bit but I know he can do it!

Word of the Week is rinde which is make. That is what I believe anyway!

Well time is out. I love you all tons. Keep smiling. Work hard pray hard play hard and go to church! hehe!

Love you all!


Elder Chez Green