Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 18, 2015 - Down Pour

Well we were planning to go to another Internet place that is in our area but the rain just started down pouring. My pants and back are soaked. We are now at one close to the house, though it isn`t super great, it works for now. Ah the DR weather. There have been problems with the little well we have for the house, so we have had 2 days without water in the house. This morning we had to go look for some from the neighbors with our buckets, All is well in the end though. I pray that tonight we will have water!

All is good here. Working for more baptisms, living in a third world country without water and half the time without power too. The joys!

Today was a lazy Pday. We played dominoes and that was fun! I washed my clothes thankfully and I took a long nap.

Sunday night there was a BBQ outside of our house and oh was I jealous. I look forward to BBQ's at home!

So some of our investigators won´t be able to receive our message for now which is too bad. Some not progressing and others for their personal decisions, but in the end we are happy. This next Sunday at 12 noon we should have 2 more baptisms hopefully of a mother of 46 and her daughter of 27. We are hopeful that all will go well!

So one of the Elders in the house here got a Ukulele from his parents and he is teaching me a little bit. I gotta practice to keep my charm right!? hehe but I have learned part of the song. The song is Scientist by Coldplay. It is really easy and I enjoy the song a lot. It is good stuff! I am happy and still working hard.

WoW is pulmones which means lungs. It is the WoW because of a talk by E. Uchtdorf about seeing the end from the beginning. He talks about when he was a kid and didn´t have all the luxuries of life, but in the end it helped him overcome a disease in his lungs he never knew he had. It is a great talk from the 2006 may conference. Good stuff really!

Hmm we had an exchange this week and we bought empanadas again. I am happy. Not much new. Oh I got a new fan because my old one broke. I am looking forward to some small things back in the states, like warm water, AC, electricity all the time. Simple stuff!

Glad to hear that Ben is back safe and sound. I hope the graduation for Shantaye goes well for Seminary. The last weeks of school! Wahoo!

The bear in the front yard looks super cool! I am happy to see that!

Elder Peña is from Barahona which is about 2 or 3 hours from the capital. There is a nice beach there and it is famous for the huge plantains it has. From the wrist to the elbow big!

hmm not much else really. I didn´t take any pictures this week but hopefully for next week!

Well I love you all. Be safe!


Elder Chez Green

Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 11, 2015 - Hello All

So this is mostly for all the rest that want to hear from me, as we just talked yesterday but I am doing well! I really enjoyed the phone call thanks for that! I am happy and enjoying life for sure! Today I got a haircut, nice and short. I also got the chance to take a nap. We played basketball and dominoes in the morning too! Way fun stuff!
The funny story I told everyone last night but for those who didn´t hear, we were walking by a building of apartments and as we walked by with the ward mission leader some water start to fell. We hurry and jumped out of the way, but not before we got hit by a couple drops. Then the ward mission leader said, ah its warm! So we looked up, and sure enough a 3 year old naked kid was peeing four stories up. His mom started screaming at him not to do it, but ah was it funny!
Hmm well what else. Oh the cool hand bell choir. That was very special. I really enjoyed that a lot and I am grateful that I could see it. Some of our investigators came as well which was pretty awesome! That is good news! 

Hmm not much else to really fill you all in on. We have had good support from the members this week. I am happy and working to stay in shape and be happy. Love you all tons. Sorry it is a short one.

May 4, 2015 - Hello All

Well next week we will be talking! I hope everyone is ready haha! 730 pm DR time. Yes 730 PM so everyone can make it! 7:30 Wahoo!

I pray there are no difficulties but we will see. So it has been a great week really. I am grateful for all the experiences had. WE got to visit the temple and I also had the chance to perform the baptism for Jose Miguel!
Today we went to Megacentro (the mall) and ate some good meat and mofongo, which is mashed up fried plantains! So delicious. I also printed photos for some of the ward members and for the baptisms that we had. It was a good day and I also got a nice nap in. The heat here is very strong but we keep on going!
I appreciate the package that arrived and a letter from dad with pictures. I thank you all so much. A great gift for sure! The package got beat up but it arrived, pop tarts are still pop tarts, even if they are crumbly! So delicious!
Well my time seems to be flying by today but it has been a great week. Truly the temple was very spiritual and I understood almost everything in Spanish. I also felt a lot more comfortable talking in Spanish in the temple as well!
Our area is progressing. We have some baptismal dates, and one investigator came to the baptism! It was a great feeling and I was privileged to perform the ordinance. Nice to get a little wet and cool off as well! We have 5 hopeful dates for the month of May. I pray we may be able to keep them going!
WE helped a family move and carried some couches and chairs a couple blocks to another house. It was nice and hot there! The sun is really beating down here lately!
So a great quote I read today from E. Holland. He said ¨I´m on the pencil, but you´ve got to do the writing¨ referring to missionaries and how we should be humble in the Lord´s work. I really enjoyed it a lot!
Wow the twins got baptized. Pictures please!!!! congrats to hem. Tell them I love them tons!

Spanish here is very different yes. WOW bostezar which means to yawn!
As for a package, nothing big. Simple stuff is the best really. But thank you!
Good luck Shantaye with the AP test!
well time is gone. talk to you on Sunday night, and then emailing on Monday haha! lots of love!


Elder Chez Green

April 27, 2015 - Hello - Happy Birthday Mom!

Hey family how is it all going! I hope all is well and everyone is happy. I am doing well. The baptism of Santico went well and we are all happy really! It was a little stressful, like all baptisms are here, because people are always late and what not, but in the end it worked out. I am dead tired this week from all the walking, and the mission is taking it´s toll on me physically I have noted the last couple of days. But we keep on going! Our house is small for 4 missionaries but we are having fun. Not getting to bed on time but such s life! hehe
José Miguel has his baptism this Saturday as well. We are very excited for him! I am looking forward to it. The other elders will be receiving one for their area, as we divided the area and he is on their side. But in the end it all counts for the same. We are very excited. We see him as a future missionary some day. He is very humble and willing to accept the gospel. A great guy and friend. He has asked me to perform the ordinance as well which I am honored to do so.
We are trying to find families that are interested now so they can accept the gospel. We will keep working with them and we will find them. The bishop here has an idea to get 1 reference every month from every member. A great plan!
So Elder Peña is my companion. He is one of about 15 Dominican elders here in the mission. Yes there are not very many. I can finally answer the question for you dad! He is from the south. A place called Barraohna. He is the only member in his family, a convert from 4 years back. An only child. He is very funny and very big. He reminds me of the bear from Jungle Book! Big blue or something like that. He makes me laugh ad we are getting along well here!

WoW is teriquito which I heard means ticklish inside, here in the DR at least! That is how an investigator described the spirit. Pretty great!

Hmm what else. We are going to the temple this week Wahoo! So today is a short Pday for that reason. But we cleaned the house and bought some needed supplies and I will get reimbursed for it!
I love the ward and the leaders here! Such great people!
Awesome that dad will be STH of the Match for RSL! I hope it is a great experience. Take pictures please! Tough they lost so bad, but missing a lot of players isn't easy. I am excited to go to the last couple of games!
Congrats to Mitch Mortimer and to Jonathan. That is great and exciting news. The mission really is an amazing experience so enjoy it and prepare for it. It will change you and make you better!

Well that's all. Time is up. Love ya tons! 


Elder Chez Green

April 20, 2015 - Hello All!

So the transfer news is that I will be staying! Wow big surprise but I am happy as we have 5 baptism dates planned tentatively now! Wahoo. This Saturday we will have one of a 16 yr old named Santico. He always goes to church, but had to get prepared really well. And he is now ready and has permission from his mom! Wahoo. My comp will be leaving and I will have a Dominican companion named E. Peña. Yep my 1st from the DR! I know him a little and he is pretty cool. A big guy but funny!
So Jose MIguel has a date for the 2nd of May and this time he should be ready. He got his shoes stolen a couple weeks ago so I gave him one of my pairs of shoes. He came to church with them and he is really solid. He always reads the Book of Mormon and said he wants to be a missionary soon! It is great news! Awesome stuff really!
So the interesting news is they are sending 2 more missionaries to this area which means that I will be dividing my area in two. I probably won't be able to keep teaching Jose Miguel as he will be on one side and I will probably be on the other, but I will be at his baptism for sure as it is still the same ward. That was a big surprise that I found out today. Good stuff though. A lot of work and I will be teaching the 3 missionaries the area now!

I made the salsa again... yes I did this time safely! It only burned a little of my mouth and throat.
I did not eat much as it was way too spicy. I have now learned how not to do it. A Mexican Elder told me I was doing it wrong and way too spicy haha. Lesson learned! I won't be messing with habinero anytime soon!
So hopefully Hna Dolores will be baptized in May as well. The area is really starting to boom now! Just in time to split it in two!
Question. Do you all remember the game Button Button who´s got the button? What are the rules again? I remember the time that Am accidentally ate the button cause JJ threw it in her mouth. Ah great memories from our old Family Nights! 

Awesome that Mom and Dad will be going to Cali. Please enjoy! I am sending a lot of pics. I have too many but I'll send what I can!
WoW is actually a phrase. llevarse como el perro y el gato. which means fight like cat and dog!

Oh so a huge miracle happened too. We had 25 investigators at church this week (yes that includes a lot of kids but still! ) That was amazing. The Lord is pouring his Spirit out on his children in this area! We have plans to keep working hard with the ward!
Well that's all folks!


Elder Chez Green