Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 18, 2015 - Down Pour

Well we were planning to go to another Internet place that is in our area but the rain just started down pouring. My pants and back are soaked. We are now at one close to the house, though it isn`t super great, it works for now. Ah the DR weather. There have been problems with the little well we have for the house, so we have had 2 days without water in the house. This morning we had to go look for some from the neighbors with our buckets, All is well in the end though. I pray that tonight we will have water!

All is good here. Working for more baptisms, living in a third world country without water and half the time without power too. The joys!

Today was a lazy Pday. We played dominoes and that was fun! I washed my clothes thankfully and I took a long nap.

Sunday night there was a BBQ outside of our house and oh was I jealous. I look forward to BBQ's at home!

So some of our investigators won´t be able to receive our message for now which is too bad. Some not progressing and others for their personal decisions, but in the end we are happy. This next Sunday at 12 noon we should have 2 more baptisms hopefully of a mother of 46 and her daughter of 27. We are hopeful that all will go well!

So one of the Elders in the house here got a Ukulele from his parents and he is teaching me a little bit. I gotta practice to keep my charm right!? hehe but I have learned part of the song. The song is Scientist by Coldplay. It is really easy and I enjoy the song a lot. It is good stuff! I am happy and still working hard.

WoW is pulmones which means lungs. It is the WoW because of a talk by E. Uchtdorf about seeing the end from the beginning. He talks about when he was a kid and didn´t have all the luxuries of life, but in the end it helped him overcome a disease in his lungs he never knew he had. It is a great talk from the 2006 may conference. Good stuff really!

Hmm we had an exchange this week and we bought empanadas again. I am happy. Not much new. Oh I got a new fan because my old one broke. I am looking forward to some small things back in the states, like warm water, AC, electricity all the time. Simple stuff!

Glad to hear that Ben is back safe and sound. I hope the graduation for Shantaye goes well for Seminary. The last weeks of school! Wahoo!

The bear in the front yard looks super cool! I am happy to see that!

Elder Peña is from Barahona which is about 2 or 3 hours from the capital. There is a nice beach there and it is famous for the huge plantains it has. From the wrist to the elbow big!

hmm not much else really. I didn´t take any pictures this week but hopefully for next week!

Well I love you all. Be safe!


Elder Chez Green

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