Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 11, 2015 - Hello All

So this is mostly for all the rest that want to hear from me, as we just talked yesterday but I am doing well! I really enjoyed the phone call thanks for that! I am happy and enjoying life for sure! Today I got a haircut, nice and short. I also got the chance to take a nap. We played basketball and dominoes in the morning too! Way fun stuff!
The funny story I told everyone last night but for those who didn´t hear, we were walking by a building of apartments and as we walked by with the ward mission leader some water start to fell. We hurry and jumped out of the way, but not before we got hit by a couple drops. Then the ward mission leader said, ah its warm! So we looked up, and sure enough a 3 year old naked kid was peeing four stories up. His mom started screaming at him not to do it, but ah was it funny!
Hmm well what else. Oh the cool hand bell choir. That was very special. I really enjoyed that a lot and I am grateful that I could see it. Some of our investigators came as well which was pretty awesome! That is good news! 

Hmm not much else to really fill you all in on. We have had good support from the members this week. I am happy and working to stay in shape and be happy. Love you all tons. Sorry it is a short one.

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