Sunday, May 17, 2015

April 20, 2015 - Hello All!

So the transfer news is that I will be staying! Wow big surprise but I am happy as we have 5 baptism dates planned tentatively now! Wahoo. This Saturday we will have one of a 16 yr old named Santico. He always goes to church, but had to get prepared really well. And he is now ready and has permission from his mom! Wahoo. My comp will be leaving and I will have a Dominican companion named E. Peña. Yep my 1st from the DR! I know him a little and he is pretty cool. A big guy but funny!
So Jose MIguel has a date for the 2nd of May and this time he should be ready. He got his shoes stolen a couple weeks ago so I gave him one of my pairs of shoes. He came to church with them and he is really solid. He always reads the Book of Mormon and said he wants to be a missionary soon! It is great news! Awesome stuff really!
So the interesting news is they are sending 2 more missionaries to this area which means that I will be dividing my area in two. I probably won't be able to keep teaching Jose Miguel as he will be on one side and I will probably be on the other, but I will be at his baptism for sure as it is still the same ward. That was a big surprise that I found out today. Good stuff though. A lot of work and I will be teaching the 3 missionaries the area now!

I made the salsa again... yes I did this time safely! It only burned a little of my mouth and throat.
I did not eat much as it was way too spicy. I have now learned how not to do it. A Mexican Elder told me I was doing it wrong and way too spicy haha. Lesson learned! I won't be messing with habinero anytime soon!
So hopefully Hna Dolores will be baptized in May as well. The area is really starting to boom now! Just in time to split it in two!
Question. Do you all remember the game Button Button who´s got the button? What are the rules again? I remember the time that Am accidentally ate the button cause JJ threw it in her mouth. Ah great memories from our old Family Nights! 

Awesome that Mom and Dad will be going to Cali. Please enjoy! I am sending a lot of pics. I have too many but I'll send what I can!
WoW is actually a phrase. llevarse como el perro y el gato. which means fight like cat and dog!

Oh so a huge miracle happened too. We had 25 investigators at church this week (yes that includes a lot of kids but still! ) That was amazing. The Lord is pouring his Spirit out on his children in this area! We have plans to keep working hard with the ward!
Well that's all folks!


Elder Chez Green

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