Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 1, 2015 - Transfers!

So the big news is I will be transferred. Saw it coming though. I actually talked to President last night. He was debating keeping me here until the end of the mission for the work I am doing but he felt that I could help more in a new area. It is in Villa Carmen, the Oriental Zone. It is about 20 minutes from where I live now, so not very far. But it is another stake. I am excited. My new companion is Elder Castro. He is from Peru and he has almost 17 months I believe. I have met him before but I will meet him better tomorrow!
Happy Late Birthday JJ!

So Leidy and Altagracia got confirmed this Sunday which is awesome. It was Mother's Day yesterday and my comp talked to his family which was cool. There was some rain so the church was relatively empty for how it usually is which is too bad, but it happens sometimes.

We have some baptismal dates set that we hope that people can get. I gave out a lot of pictures of myself with them or of our family so people can always have them. They really liked that.
Sad news to hear that L Tom. Perry passed away. Our prayers are with him and his family!
Hmm what else. I have talked to some of my old comps. E. Turketo is doing well. Actually talking to him right now on the phone haha.

Congrats to Shantaye on her Graduations! So great!

WoW is tronar sus dedos. Snap your fingers!

I had some body pains and some nausea in the week but I am feeling better now. E. Zivic came and talked to us. It was so great and I loved his message. It applies here on the mission and for after as well. He said the best way to stay strong is to share the gospel with others! He shared awesome experiences with us all too!

And go Tyler Barlow. Hope the baptism is great. Send pics please!
What else to say. I am happy. Excited to work in a new area. It brings me alive again and gets me excited!
Hmm that is all really. Be safe and remember to pray often to not fall into temptation!


Elder Chez Green

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 25, 2015 - Hello my loves!

I hope all is well with y´all today! I am happy. Rain here as well too. I can´t find my umbrella but I am pretty sure I know where I left it. But all is well really! I am a happy man. Trying to stay focused. Sometimes it isn´t easy but I am happy!
So transfers will be next week. Wow time is truly flying by! I feel like some days the time just vanishes. 30 minutes pass like 5 and that is a weird feeling. I need to take advantage of every second now! I am working to do so.
We played some dominoes this week. I love my set I bought. It is great. We are having fun and eating empanadas and just fooling around really bur working hard and having spiritual moments as well.
The Mother and Daughter (Altagracia and Leidy) were baptized. I was blessed to perform the ordinance! The daughter Leidy had some doubts throughout the week but we kept praying for her. Even Sunday morning she had some doubts but the prayers and talking to her helped and she took the big step which is great. I pray she will keep progressing! I have seen a huge miracle with this family. I have been with them since the beginning.  Wow the Gospel is great!

WoW is MIlagros which means miracles!

We had a lot of activities with the ward this week. We played games at one of them, and the other was a missionary night where RM´s shared their testimonies and we shared a message. Very powerful and great! We got new investigators from it and we also contacted a lot of people. 

I love reading talks by our prophets and apostles. We are still waiting for the May Ensign but I am enjoying it all here!

Happy Memorial day. Time is flying here! Love you all tons. Be safe and firm in the teachings of Christ always please. That is my goal. It isn´t always easy, but it is worth it!

We have water usually again! Wahoo! We went to megacentro today and I saw some cool stuff. I am happy! I ate well too!

Well that's all folks! love ya tons. Happy memorial day!


Elder Chez Green