Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015 - Hello All

Today has been a fine day. All is well. It started raining this afternoon. Today I got to play some soccer and pass some time with the zone. It was nice to get some time with other people and talk with other missionaries. We went to our stake center and the chapel we attend which is nice as well!
This week we did an exchange as well. E. Sauceda came here and we had a fine exchange. We practiced some English and we also bought some delicious empanadas. It was a 45 minute wait which was outrageous but all is well.
Some ants got into my vanilla wafers which was a bummer. I tried eating some but it gave me a stomach ache so I had to toss them out sadly. Ah the ants have been attacking all of my food. They got into one of my easy macs and what not haha. Everything is now in the fridge so hopefully I don´t have to eat anymore ants or get any more stomach aches from it. Ah funny stuff!
WoW is cabar which means to dig.
So it is Easter week and here that means a lot of alcohol and parties and what not but lets hope that the people can stay safe and that we can help our investigators! It is a difficult time sometimes here in the DR.
The new video, Because he Lives is pretty great. We have watched it once. I enjoyed it and we are inviting a lot of people to watch it as well. So go watch it and share it! haha.
Tough the Utes lost but glad RSL is doing alright. We are well here. Just doing my best to stay focused and keep working hard until the end. I was thinking about soccer and how much I miss it. I will need Damian to be my training coach when I get back to see if I can make it on a team, maybe.
We had a lot of investigators at church. But some are people we aren´t really teaching because they don´t have a desire. Others didn´t make it so their baptismal date may be hard to achieve but we will keep working. The ward is great and I love them. They are so willing to sacrifice and help others. I love that and I am learning a lot!
So I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I hope it goes well and you all enjoy it. Don´t forget to watch conference and heed the counsel of our modern day prophets!
I heard that the Pimentel Family should be baptized soon, in a month or so. Elder Turketo is there teaching them now! I hope that I can go back and visit!

Well not much else going on really. All is well!


Elder Chez Green

Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 23, 2015 - Hola Everyone!

I hope all is well here! I love you all very much, everyone in your respective places!

This week has gone well. We had an activity every night and we got a lot of ward support. There are a lot of people to follow up with now and we also have a lot of new investigators. We had 18 investigators at church, including some kids. That was a miracle. We also have a goal baptismal date for Leidy and Altagracia. It is for the 11 of April. José Miguel didn't make it to church again so we will have to push his date back sadly. All is well and there is much to do!

Awesome that Utah is going to the Sweet Sixteen! Keep it up Utah! Wahoo. It has been a while but we are back! That would be sweet to beat Duke!

Today was just had a relaxing day here. I took a nap and what not but all is well really. I am a happy man! I kind of wanted to play soccer but my comp doesn't like to so we just stayed home.
Hmm what else. I have been cooking a lot and trying to not eat too much. I got a nice haircut. Really short. I want to send the pics but it doesn´t look like it will work! Or maybe I'll find the way haha!
Well what else. The activities went well. We had a day where the members went contacting and inviting their friends to church. We also had an activity where the Bishop and his wife talked about the law of Chastity. The other was where we shared a message about Standing in Holy Places, mainly the house, church and temple! They also asked us questions. It was a good activity. All is well really. Thanks for all the support and love!

WoW is fogata which means camp fire! Ah how I miss camp fires. Sometimes I smell them and they remind me of the camping trips with our ward or with my buddies. Good times!
Well I love you all. I hope everyone is staying strong to the iron rod (aka reading your scriptures!) It is super important. The Liahona this month was great. I encourage you to read it, at least the talk by Elder Bednar about the Atonement. I know it is real and it gives us power to overcome. I feel closer to the Lord each day out here and I know this church is true. I hope everyone is happy and doing well. Stay strong!
Elder Chez Green

March 16, 2015 - Hello All!

My lovely family. So I know I have been slacking on the word of the week lately so I will start with that. It is tía abuela which means great aunt! So Aunt Theo is my tía abuela! I got a letter from her this week!
We also had the opportunity to meet Elder Clayton, from the Presidency of the 70. He was there with Elder Cornish and Elder Martinez and their wives. We got to hear them bear testimony and E. Clatyon shared some cool experiences of how the work keeps growing in the world today. It was very spiritual. Then they had the missionaries ask questions which was pretty awesome. We had the opportunity to listen to some answers to questions for about 35 minutes. It is very rare to have 3 general authorities in one place but it was great. I enjoyed it a lot and I have received some good council. Like we should always be pushing ourselves more and that we should always watch ourselves, just like it counsels us in the Book of Mormon and to make evaluations often to keep improving!
We have put a baptismal date with Jose Miguel but he couldn´t make it to church because of work. We will keep working with him though! A mother and daughter of 50 and 26 came to church together. We will keep working with them as well and it should be great. There are others and we had a fair amount of investigators at church again. We are getting references as well and each night this week we will have a mission activity, starting Tuesday. So we can find more people ready to progress. Our families that need to get married still don´t have the desire but we pray that they will have it soon, and then we can work it all out.
Today we played soccer in the gym and ah was it great. It was short, maybe like an hour but it reminded me of the Red Hot FC days. Ah I miss those days and those guys. I imagine that most of them are home from their missions now! Wow time flies!
I have had a craving lately for Thai food. Ah some yellow and green curry sounds delicious. But not to be for now sadly.
My comp is from Nicaragua. His name is Elder Areas. His family are members but he is the first missionary. He is a good guy. We are doing fine. We will keep working hard here in Villa! I have no leadership position now. Just a normal missionary. He is new to the area but has 4 months in the mission.
March Madness is here wahoo. Darn the Utes lost last second and will not have as great of a seed but I hope all is well! A 5 seed is still fun, though upset watch status!

Oh crazy news. Elder Turketo is in Valiente as a Zone Leader! That is where I served as Zone Leader. ha ha he is following my footsteps. Pretty sweet!
Well that´s all for now. Love you tons. Especially those that need it extra this week!


Elder Chez Green

March 9, 2015 - Transfer Day

So the news has arrived and I will be staying here in Villa Liberación. E. Frampton is leaving and I will be receiving a new companion. He is Latin and his name is E. Aréas. Should be fun and I hope we can work well together. Today E. Frampton was packing and I have been cleaning. We also visited with our district at the Super Market and ate some tres leches. It has been an enjoyable day and I am happy to be here! It will be interesting to have a new companion but here it goes starting tomorrow!

So this Thursday E. Clayton from the Presidency of the 70 will speak to our mission. I am very excited. I hope it turns out well. They will be dividing the mission soon as well.

Well this week we had 8 inv. at church. Still great and we are seeing miracles. We have an inv. we are going to visit tonight named Jose Miguel that we want to put a baptismal date with. I hope he can make it for the end of March. We are finding new people to teach which is awesome. We are truly blessed.

Our ward is helping a lot and we will have a mission week in two weeks, which should be awesome! On Sunday I gave a talk in church. I spoke on the Restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon and how we should reaffirm our testimonies of this great gospel each day. I know it was restored and I am grateful for the knowledge. Like the scriptures teach us, we should always counsel with God.

I also finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the 2nd time! That was a great experience and very spiritual. I am hoping to read it one more time in Spanish before my mission ends! I am in D and C 109 in that reading as well. It is very enjoyable!

I hope to hear back from each of you on my question about the Plan of Salvation. Thank you mom for replying!

Hmm all is well. we have talked about marriage and baptismal dates a lot but people just won´t accept right now. We will keep working with them. My comp was sick with stomach pains for part of the week but all is well now. We made fajitas on Sunday!

Our Sunday lesson was also on Repentance and how it truly sets us free and helps us grow. I know that is true and that the Lord can change us into better people. We should always be making small changes to be better each day!

Hmm what else. Well we are giving away a lot of Book of Mormon's and inviting people unto Christ. I hope everyone at home is doing well as well! Be safe and smart. I send greetings to all those at home and abroad! Remember to keep constant in the prayers! Lots of love!

Elder Chez Green

Silly Picture, District Picture, Empanada Picture

March 2, 2015 - Hello Family!

I love you all so much! I want to start off with a question. Why is the Plan of Salvation (or knowledge of) important to you? I hope to hear responses from each of you. It is a deep question.
This week we saw a miracle with over 12 investigators at church! Wahoo so cool! The Fast Sunday was super spiritual! I felt the spirit so strong throughout the Saturday and Sunday and I know that fasting is important for our progress. I invite all of you to do a complete 24 hour fast every month and to truly pray for a stronger conversion. It works!
But we had a lot of investigators we were waiting for, and we received references as well from people. It was great, though some people we want to progress couldn't make it sadly. But we are working well. No baptismal dates but there are some couples we are working with.

I got Dad´s letter and pictures today. Thursday I got a strawberry shake that reminds me of Grandma´s house and her pool. Amazing shakes. We also found a place with a lot of good rolls that remind me of the ones mom makes. Rhodes rolls type. So good! Delicious. I have been cooking and the stomach is better. Though the Pizza Hut today isn't going to help much. ha ha we eat out every Pday because my comp is a huge fan. But it is good to relax. I got to see my good buddy E. Jeppsen. He is doing well. I am happy and feeling well here in the DR. Crazy how time is flying like most people mention, but I don´t want to lose my focus. Just need to keep pushing and enjoying it.

Hmm what else. E Frampton is doing well. I saw a sweet goal today on the TV´s at the mall that the Liverpool soccer team scored. Crazy that March Madness is here! Sports action is always awesome.

Hmm what else. A funny story, hmmm. I can´t think of anything really. My comp just makes me laugh. He is an interesting but great man. Ah just good stuff going on that is all!

Well I don´t think there is much else to say for this week. We have walked a lot and I am mainly using just my ecco shoes now. They are holding up well because I haven´t used them much in my mission. I love everyone and hope all is well. Be safe and keep up the good work!

Elder Chez Green