Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 9, 2015 - Transfer Day

So the news has arrived and I will be staying here in Villa Liberación. E. Frampton is leaving and I will be receiving a new companion. He is Latin and his name is E. Aréas. Should be fun and I hope we can work well together. Today E. Frampton was packing and I have been cleaning. We also visited with our district at the Super Market and ate some tres leches. It has been an enjoyable day and I am happy to be here! It will be interesting to have a new companion but here it goes starting tomorrow!

So this Thursday E. Clayton from the Presidency of the 70 will speak to our mission. I am very excited. I hope it turns out well. They will be dividing the mission soon as well.

Well this week we had 8 inv. at church. Still great and we are seeing miracles. We have an inv. we are going to visit tonight named Jose Miguel that we want to put a baptismal date with. I hope he can make it for the end of March. We are finding new people to teach which is awesome. We are truly blessed.

Our ward is helping a lot and we will have a mission week in two weeks, which should be awesome! On Sunday I gave a talk in church. I spoke on the Restoration of the Gospel and the Book of Mormon and how we should reaffirm our testimonies of this great gospel each day. I know it was restored and I am grateful for the knowledge. Like the scriptures teach us, we should always counsel with God.

I also finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the 2nd time! That was a great experience and very spiritual. I am hoping to read it one more time in Spanish before my mission ends! I am in D and C 109 in that reading as well. It is very enjoyable!

I hope to hear back from each of you on my question about the Plan of Salvation. Thank you mom for replying!

Hmm all is well. we have talked about marriage and baptismal dates a lot but people just won´t accept right now. We will keep working with them. My comp was sick with stomach pains for part of the week but all is well now. We made fajitas on Sunday!

Our Sunday lesson was also on Repentance and how it truly sets us free and helps us grow. I know that is true and that the Lord can change us into better people. We should always be making small changes to be better each day!

Hmm what else. Well we are giving away a lot of Book of Mormon's and inviting people unto Christ. I hope everyone at home is doing well as well! Be safe and smart. I send greetings to all those at home and abroad! Remember to keep constant in the prayers! Lots of love!

Elder Chez Green

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