Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 23, 2015 - Hola Everyone!

I hope all is well here! I love you all very much, everyone in your respective places!

This week has gone well. We had an activity every night and we got a lot of ward support. There are a lot of people to follow up with now and we also have a lot of new investigators. We had 18 investigators at church, including some kids. That was a miracle. We also have a goal baptismal date for Leidy and Altagracia. It is for the 11 of April. José Miguel didn't make it to church again so we will have to push his date back sadly. All is well and there is much to do!

Awesome that Utah is going to the Sweet Sixteen! Keep it up Utah! Wahoo. It has been a while but we are back! That would be sweet to beat Duke!

Today was just had a relaxing day here. I took a nap and what not but all is well really. I am a happy man! I kind of wanted to play soccer but my comp doesn't like to so we just stayed home.
Hmm what else. I have been cooking a lot and trying to not eat too much. I got a nice haircut. Really short. I want to send the pics but it doesn´t look like it will work! Or maybe I'll find the way haha!
Well what else. The activities went well. We had a day where the members went contacting and inviting their friends to church. We also had an activity where the Bishop and his wife talked about the law of Chastity. The other was where we shared a message about Standing in Holy Places, mainly the house, church and temple! They also asked us questions. It was a good activity. All is well really. Thanks for all the support and love!

WoW is fogata which means camp fire! Ah how I miss camp fires. Sometimes I smell them and they remind me of the camping trips with our ward or with my buddies. Good times!
Well I love you all. I hope everyone is staying strong to the iron rod (aka reading your scriptures!) It is super important. The Liahona this month was great. I encourage you to read it, at least the talk by Elder Bednar about the Atonement. I know it is real and it gives us power to overcome. I feel closer to the Lord each day out here and I know this church is true. I hope everyone is happy and doing well. Stay strong!
Elder Chez Green

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