Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 30, 2015 - Hello All

Today has been a fine day. All is well. It started raining this afternoon. Today I got to play some soccer and pass some time with the zone. It was nice to get some time with other people and talk with other missionaries. We went to our stake center and the chapel we attend which is nice as well!
This week we did an exchange as well. E. Sauceda came here and we had a fine exchange. We practiced some English and we also bought some delicious empanadas. It was a 45 minute wait which was outrageous but all is well.
Some ants got into my vanilla wafers which was a bummer. I tried eating some but it gave me a stomach ache so I had to toss them out sadly. Ah the ants have been attacking all of my food. They got into one of my easy macs and what not haha. Everything is now in the fridge so hopefully I don´t have to eat anymore ants or get any more stomach aches from it. Ah funny stuff!
WoW is cabar which means to dig.
So it is Easter week and here that means a lot of alcohol and parties and what not but lets hope that the people can stay safe and that we can help our investigators! It is a difficult time sometimes here in the DR.
The new video, Because he Lives is pretty great. We have watched it once. I enjoyed it and we are inviting a lot of people to watch it as well. So go watch it and share it! haha.
Tough the Utes lost but glad RSL is doing alright. We are well here. Just doing my best to stay focused and keep working hard until the end. I was thinking about soccer and how much I miss it. I will need Damian to be my training coach when I get back to see if I can make it on a team, maybe.
We had a lot of investigators at church. But some are people we aren´t really teaching because they don´t have a desire. Others didn´t make it so their baptismal date may be hard to achieve but we will keep working. The ward is great and I love them. They are so willing to sacrifice and help others. I love that and I am learning a lot!
So I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I hope it goes well and you all enjoy it. Don´t forget to watch conference and heed the counsel of our modern day prophets!
I heard that the Pimentel Family should be baptized soon, in a month or so. Elder Turketo is there teaching them now! I hope that I can go back and visit!

Well not much else going on really. All is well!


Elder Chez Green

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