Saturday, March 28, 2015

March 2, 2015 - Hello Family!

I love you all so much! I want to start off with a question. Why is the Plan of Salvation (or knowledge of) important to you? I hope to hear responses from each of you. It is a deep question.
This week we saw a miracle with over 12 investigators at church! Wahoo so cool! The Fast Sunday was super spiritual! I felt the spirit so strong throughout the Saturday and Sunday and I know that fasting is important for our progress. I invite all of you to do a complete 24 hour fast every month and to truly pray for a stronger conversion. It works!
But we had a lot of investigators we were waiting for, and we received references as well from people. It was great, though some people we want to progress couldn't make it sadly. But we are working well. No baptismal dates but there are some couples we are working with.

I got Dad´s letter and pictures today. Thursday I got a strawberry shake that reminds me of Grandma´s house and her pool. Amazing shakes. We also found a place with a lot of good rolls that remind me of the ones mom makes. Rhodes rolls type. So good! Delicious. I have been cooking and the stomach is better. Though the Pizza Hut today isn't going to help much. ha ha we eat out every Pday because my comp is a huge fan. But it is good to relax. I got to see my good buddy E. Jeppsen. He is doing well. I am happy and feeling well here in the DR. Crazy how time is flying like most people mention, but I don´t want to lose my focus. Just need to keep pushing and enjoying it.

Hmm what else. E Frampton is doing well. I saw a sweet goal today on the TV´s at the mall that the Liverpool soccer team scored. Crazy that March Madness is here! Sports action is always awesome.

Hmm what else. A funny story, hmmm. I can´t think of anything really. My comp just makes me laugh. He is an interesting but great man. Ah just good stuff going on that is all!

Well I don´t think there is much else to say for this week. We have walked a lot and I am mainly using just my ecco shoes now. They are holding up well because I haven´t used them much in my mission. I love everyone and hope all is well. Be safe and keep up the good work!

Elder Chez Green

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