Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 23, 2015 - Hello All!

Fam bam! We are a little late getting to the Internet place cause my comp got an hour long haircut. Ah this Dominican guy really wanted to make a masterpiece. It looks good though!
All is well. First off we had a baptism for Anyeudy. It all worked out. His mom came and she said that she wants to be baptized. For the rain not many people showed up. Just his family and one other and then two people from the bishopric. That was too bad but all is well. I ended up doing the ordinance because no one could come. It was an honor and went well. I am happy for him. We hope that his mom can get married and his parents can get serious about the gospel as well!
Uh we didn´t have a lot of investigators at church but all is well. we are still working with some couples so they can get the desire more and what not. I hope and pray they will progress. I am grateful for all the people we are teaching and I love them a lot"! I hope they can keep going!
We had the interviews with Pres.. It went well. We usually have them every 3 or 4 months! I got the package! Wahoo thanks a ton! Delicious stuff, though I have had a stomach ache this weekend. Ah the DR.
I really enjoyed a scripture in 2 Nephi 10 23 to 25. It talks about accepting the will of God and how his Grace is sufficient to save us. I enjoyed it a lot and know the atonement is for all of us!
There has been a lot of rain lately. Ah it is not so fun preaching in the rain but part of life here. I need to get a better umbrella as my Wal-Mart one is pretty much done. Still does the job for now, with a little tape and coercing!
W o W is timón which means rudder. Reminds me of Timón and Pumba from Lion King! hehe

So we were contacting one day and I saw something in the bucket with whiskers and it looked disgusting at first glance. Then we saw it and it was a huge cat fish, looking all disgusting. Then he peeled it while we were talking to his family and the neighbors. Ah kinda gross but funny. Perks of the DR experiences! The people here are great. A little crazy but awesome!
Tell Theo happy birthday please!
Well that is all I believe. Love you all tons!


Elder Chez Green

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