Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 16, 2015 - Wahoo!

Ey my lovely family I hope all is well! I learned a lot of words this week because I was on an exchange with an Elder from Honduras named E. Sauceda. He is a cool guy. I learned that remolacha means beat. That is the word of the week!

I went to his area in San Isidro and it was fun, though I got wet which didn't help my cold. I still have a lingering cough, but so do a lot of people in the DR right now. Not fun but oh well. Monday night we watched the restoration movie (20 minute one) with some investigators and then ate some dumplings with cheese and ground beef. Dumplings are like flour and some other stuff mixed up and boiled. Very delicious! The family was fun to be with but they didn't come to church. The dad is very busy and travels a lot for work. He has nice facial hair and reminds me a little bit of dad just his personality and what not. A cool guy we are trying to help but I think he will be going to Columbia for a while sadly. Tough stuff.

We have contacted some new families which has been fun. An older family listened to us and we started teaching a little about the basics of the church. I hope they can progress and truly learn more about the gospel. I am grateful for my comp too and his help. He is getting more involved in the lessons little by little. Mom asked about his Spanish and it is coming along. A process for sure but getting better each day.

I got a letter from Aunt Theo so thank her! A cute lady!

Anyeudy still has his baptismal date for this Saturday but he wasn´t able to make it to church sadly. That was kind of tough. We will see how it turns out. A good kid but he is only 13 so I am not sure. I hope he can be strong in the gospel and active! We will do our best to help him. I believe he had a sickness or something so that may be why. We will see.

Last night was the ward council and it was good. Long but good. We got some good little fried flour things with meat in them after too. We were going to do a missionary week with the ward but our ward mission leader is in the military so he is working a lot this month (it is the independence month here) so it is postponed to March now.

hmm what else. Valentines day was full of drinking here but we were fine. Appointments fell through but we did get to teach people still and it worked out alright. I do like that here it is the day of Friendship and Love, not just love like it is in the States usually!

Awesome the Utah Utes are doing well. They have a tough schedule to finish out but I hope they do well! Glad we have the RSL seats again! Can´t wait to go!

Today we bought pizza, cleaned the house I got a little nap and a rest in the house. Now we are emailing. After we will visit Hno Wilkins. I am helping him learn English so I dedicate about 30 min each Pday talking to him. He is a great guy and the service is why we are here so it is good! There is a member who leaves for his mission soon so we are going to do a family night with him and his mom too!

hmm well not much else to say really. Life is well. I sent some good pictures you gotta check out. I hope all is going well. I love you all! Tell the Goddard´s hi for me please as mom mentioned they sad hello. And to everyone else as well!

We have interviews with Pres. Corbitt this week so those should go well I hope.

I think that is all. Love you tons!

Elder Chez Green

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