Sunday, February 8, 2015

January 26, 2015 - Hello All!

I am staying with E. Frampton. Wahoo!

It has been a good week. Up and down but mostly up really. Yoscar passed his interview yesterday which is great news! We are happy that he is ready to go. The ward is working on helping him out and he is trying to find a job so we hope he can stay here for a good amount of time.
Today was just a rest day really. We went shopping and ate empanadas. I took a nice nap. It turns out I lost the phone though. Whoops, but oh well. Not much we can do really.
Crazy that Jay will be home on Wednesday. Give him my love for sure. I hope to hear from him a lot. He is a good guy!

So I hope the package I sent is on the way. We will see how long it takes. I sent it through the office.

So our area is going alright. We had 12 investigators at church which was awesome! I was happy about that. We got to see our work paying off really. Next week we have a Caribbean conference. Elder Packer and Holland are going to talk. I am excited for that!
We have just been working hard here. We got cool t-shirts and had our last district meeting this week. Not much else really went on. Our house is clean and I am happy. We had some problems so we couldn't work as much as possible. One day we had to do some stuff for the mission office and couldn´t get a lesson in in the afternoon, but all is well. Really I am enjoying it. Not always easy but all is well!
Hmm what else. I don´t know really. Not much just trucking along. Be safe everyone and have a great day! Thanks for all the support!


Elder Chez Green

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