Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 19, 2015 - Hello All

I hope everyone has enjoyed their week. It has been a good one here. Very hot but enjoyable and we worked really hard. We still aren´t seeing the success the way we want to but we know it will come.

We walk a lot and my feet are usually sore. Our house is in the middle of everything really, but the church is far away and the areas we are working in are way far away from each other. So anyway we just walk a lot. We are going to start taking buses for really long walks maybe, but it is hard because there aren´t many.

There is an area called Villa Tropicalia which has people who are pretty well off and well educated. We have some references from there and they seem to want to progress. I hope and pray that they can! We are working hard to get them to visit the church. We will see how it all goes. It is a well off area, where the power is almost 24 hours a day.

There is a member named Lorenzo who has a nice Lincoln Mountaineer. He is helping us. He is probably 65 but way funny. A little eccentric but a cool guy. He took us around a little bit and helped us out for some lessons. He loves to talk though. He speaks decent English, but has New York accent with a DR one so E. Frampton barely understands anything. I can do alright though. He usually gives us cake and orange juice which is way nice. We will keep working hard there.

Then we visited this family last night and it was an animal house. But literally. A parrot, little chicken, dog and cat all in the house. My comp was super grossed out haha. I just am used to it, though it wasn´t super great. Kind of a gross place to be. They weren´t super interested sadly (or maybe my comp was happy that we won´t go back.. who knows hehe).

So on Wednesday we went to the temple which was pretty great. I enjoyed it a lot. I got to see the newest film (I believe). We took some pictures before and after. I also got to eat free pizza. I talked to E. Turketo and he is doing well. I love that guy. He is training a missionary and is also District Leader. It was awesome to see him.

So we still have the date of the 31st with Yoscar (Pablo). He may have to move because of financial situations. So please keep him in your prayers so he can make it. I feel he should stay here but he truly has nothing and can´t find a job, though he wants one. We are praying hard for him. But I guess it is in the Lord´s hands after all. We will see how it turns out and if he can make it!

The Old Hymn book looks super cool! I have seen some cool Bibles here in the DR from years and years. Most not in great condition but cool to see.

Sounds like the sports situation is going crazy. Tough the Utes lost but they will keep playing well I hope! Awesome football ended number 21! and that Whit has a new contract with the U.

Oh so transfers are next week. I don´t think we will change but we have to be prepared for everything!

I am reading in D and C 50 now. A third of the way done!

Sad the Wagner's are moving. I have been thinking about them lately, and my buddy Oliver. I will have to visit them when I get back!

The cookies were still great. My comp loved them so thanks again mom! Coconut cream pie sounds so good Dad!

Today we played soccer at the mall Megacentro, in a fenced off parking lot part. I also ate taco bell and a mango shake. Pretty good. I bought some more souvenirs. I also saw some of the football highlights while we were eating in the food court.

Yes I plan to send a box home soon. I will work on it today. I am also working on letters. I got another from Aunt Theo. She sends a lot! Pretty cool. I love that lady.

I loved the Pray Always chapter in Ezra Taft Benson´s book. Super enjoyable. We are working to get more people at church still.

Well I think that is all. Love you tons and be safe!


Elder Chez Green

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