Tuesday, January 20, 2015

December 29, 2014 - Feliz Ano Nuevo

Hello Everyone. I hope everyone has a great and Happy New Year!

I got the packages and a lot of Christmas cards on Friday! I still haven´t gotten any Christmas letters but I know they will come.

So today we played some basketball on a wood floor there in the Stake Center. It was pretty fun, though the DR kids play pretty much prison rules. Lots of hacking and just running and throwing up junk. I miss playing with JJ and Jay and Jamie and the guys from the ward. But it is good stuff and I got nice exercise which is good. The court is pretty decent too. Running shoes aren´t the best for it but they work.

The Barlow Christmas party sounded fun as well as the Green one! The pictures I have seen from emails and cards are great! The families all look great. Keep it up!

So WoW is cancha which means court or field.

The package that I got is super great. I love my Scriptures, thank you Aunt Theo. I am enjoying the food a lot and the Utah shirt and flip flops too. My comp loved the cookies and I did as well. Nothing beats home made! A fun Christmas day after celebration.

We also did a white elephant exchange with the district and I made everyone no bake cookies. That was Friday. It was good. We had so much left over food that we invited the other Elders over from San Isidro and feasted. The work was a little slow because of the holiday. This week probably will be too but I hope all turns out!

We have a baptismal date for the 17th of Jan. with Pablo aka Yoscar. He didn´t come to church this week though sadly. We will keep working with him! We had a lot of less actives show up though, which was good!

We have some awesome leaders here in Villa LiberaciĆ³n and I am learning a lot from them. Hno Wilkins is great and is teaching me a lot. I played basketball with him today too. Just a great guy!

So there has been a lot of blasting music lately and sometimes it is hard to sleep but such is life here in the DR.

I am enjoying it and working hard. Our house is getting more clean and I have a lot to eat. It is nice to have our house all spic and span!

A truly great Christmas and Skype was awesome, Especially seeing Connor (and his bare bum at one point hehe).

I hear that JJ and Whit have an awesome house. I am glad the family got to go visit (well part)

This is my 2nd ward, as Los Mameyes was a ward too.

No new years plans yet. But I think we will not leave as much for safety and difficult to teach.

It has been a good week. They do sacrament meeting early here at 8:30 so we usually have to get up around 5:45 for meeting and such. We are doing well. The chapel really is great and I will work on a picture of the outside for sure.

I am grateful for all that I have. I am enjoying the mission and my testimony is growing more and more everyday. I hope I can be strong and withstand all the trials, temptations and tribulations but I know they are for a reason. I love you all so much. Have a safe and enjoyable new year please!!

Lots of love to all those that are reading!


Elder Chez Green

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