Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 5, 2015 - Happy New Year!

Hello all,

I hope it has been a great time. A happy 2015 to everyone! It was pretty good for us! It was also E. Frampton´s birthday on the 3rd so we celebrated that before Fast Sunday. I made him some no bake cookies and his favorite lunch. I also found him some simple gifts.

Today to celebrate his birthday I bought him some pizza! Pizza Hut because he loves pizza. I also got a Philly cheese steak and we feasted. I am so full! wow. I also bought a couple souvenirs here so they should be pretty great. I will send a pic next week when I have all the stuff needed. We talked with some missionaries and it all turned out pretty good. We are so full though, wow!ª

At the mall I checked out an apple tech store, that was fun! Wow I am so behind on technology but it will be fun to see it all when I come back. I am excited to see all the changes (and a little scared too).

We also cleaned the house this week. We are waiting for the water to come back on to finish the dishes but it is pretty clean.

So I used some Lavender essential oils that Whitney sent me and wow it is good. I like the essential oils a lot. It is just a sample but it was nice.

On Tuesday we stopped by the mission offices and on the way back I saw the capital at night. That was a weird feeling, because I have never really seen that before, but it was cool.

Sounds like Utah is cold and it got a lot of snow! Fun stuff. Hee it is still just very hot.

I am reading Doctrine and Covenants now. I am in section 28. I am in Helaman in the Book of Mormon as well. Great books, you all need to read them!

Our area takes a lot of walking. I hope my shoes can last but it is good. We are trying to find the people ready to accept the gospel and to change their lives. It should be good though. The ward is helping a lot and we are working to meet the goals made by the ward.

Pablo aka Yoscar didn´t come to church again sadly, so we will see but the 17th won´t be it. Maybe the 24th but I doubt it too. He just needs to be firm in his decision and do it for the right reasons.

I also made 2015 goals which I am proud of. I also made eternal goals which comes from a talk by Elder Hales in the January Liahona (yes I have read the whole Liahona already). A good talk.

Hno Wilkins is the 1st counselor in the Bishopric.

I got letters from Dad, Aunt Theo and J.J. and Whitney as well. Thank you all for that! I appreciate it a lot.

I have seen pictures of JJ´s house via email. It is very nice and good looking. I am glad they enjoy it so much! I can´t wait to visit!

W o W is centro which means center or as in the case of the mall it is called Megacentro!

I am slowly eating all my Christmas food. So delicious. I am now trying to stop drinking soda here on the mission. I don´t really like it at all so I thought I would try. Juice and water is better.

hmmm oh cool experience. So on Saturday night we were going to visit a member and I had been to his house but the apartment buildings all looked the same. We passed one and I was sure it wasn´t it, but something told me to go visit. So we went up to the second level and then I was like, yep I knew it wasn´t it. Then a member came up the stairs and we talked to them. It turned out great because he is preparing for the mission and we gave his mom some peace of mind and they also have a reference for us. A cool experience. The spirit truly guides us!

I gave two surprise lessons on Sunday. One to the investigators and the other was to the Deacons and Teachers. No manual for the youth but I winged it and talked about fasting with them. It turned out alright I hope. I am grateful for my teachers in church I have had though. It isn´t easy but worth it.

Awesome Utah Basketball is 10 in the nation. Keep it up. I love the stadium! March is coming quickly!

Well sports world sounds great. I was wondering what I miss most, and sports would be at the top of that list. But all is good here. Very hot and a lot of walking. We are happy though!

Take care all! Happy new year!


Elder Chez Green

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