Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 12, 2015 - Ello Lovelies!

I love you all a ton! Thanks for all you do for me! I am doing well here in the DR. Emailing a little early because we have a short P day today. It is because on Wednesday we are going to the temple in the morning! Wahoo! I am excited!

Today we bought empanadas from a member named Jessice (the ward mission leader´s wife). Then we went shopping. In the morning we cleaned the house and that is really our day for now. It was good and I enjoyed it a lot though it went by super fast!

The week has been full of a lot of work. We are working to get some people to progress. Melania is a new investigator who has come to church a couple times now. 

We also have Yoscar (pablo) who came to church again. We are still working hard to help him get baptized. He really wants to and said from now on he is going to keep the Sabbath day holy so we are excited for him. Hopefully the end of January now. That is the goal!

We had the ward council yesterday that went well. I enjoyed that a lot though it was long. We have some plans that I hope we can put into place. Other than that, the week has been full of walking a lot. My shoes are putting up and I should be fine. I try to rotate them but a lot of times I don´t like them all, just one pair. My Bostonian brand are my favorite and they are still doing alright for now.

We have gotten a lot of references and we are working hard to keep up the work. It is hard to keep it all going but I am enjoying. Lots of work here that is for sure but I am happy about that.

Yesterday I got to teach the primary kids. So poorly behaved wow.It was a mad house and difficult but I hope they got something out of it. Dominican kids do not behave well at all..

Awesome news the Utah Utes are number 9! Boo ya! Superbowl soon wow. I think I want Seattle or the Colts. RSL schedule out once again. Time really does fly by!

Cool Lhing will be visiting Utah! Tell her hi from me and her family.

My regards to Natalie Mortimer and her family. That is really hard I can imagine. Also regards to the Hoki family. I remember how nice and caring Kik was.

Funny Jay got homemade cookies for Christmas too. I still have a bag left for the coming week to enjoy!

Well I don´t think there is much else to say. All is good here in the DR: I am happy and enjoying it all!

My love to all!


Elder Chez Green

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