Friday, February 13, 2015

February 9, 2015 - Hello All

Well it has been a fine week here. I am happy. I got a little sick because it rained a lot last weekend. Just a bit of congestion and coughing but I am feeling better finally. I got a blessing which helped a lot and all is well now.

So I hope all is well for everyone out in their respective places! I love you all so much! Mom asked about my typical day so I am going to explain a little bit.

We get up at 6:30 and I am usually lazy and write in my journal. Sometime exercise but it´s hard to get motivated so early. Then reading early and making breakfast. 8 am study time, then 9 am comp study. We go until 11 am because my comp is in his training so he gets 2 hours instead of the usual 1 hour. Then we leave to either appointments or contacting people. We try to talk to people on the way as well to get more investigators. The sun is super hot in the morning and sometimes we walk 20 to 30 min for appointments. Then we work until a little before 1 when we buy any supplies needed at little colmados (shops) like veggies and cook at 1. Then language study at 2 pm. He usually studies by himself and I try to read in Spanish books. Also little 10 min naps are sometimes taken to give me energy ha ha. Then we leave at 3 pm we usually have appointments but sometimes we contact people as well. In a normal day we teach anywhere from 9 or 10 to 4 or 5 lessons. Investigators, less actives, recent converts, etc. We arrive home around 9 or 9:30 to plan and shower and make something small to eat (if we have energy). Then sleeping at 10:30 ish. That's the day really! We tract (contact) whenever there is down time really. Hope that helps.

Today we cleaned the house and then we went to the mall. My comp loves eating fast food. A little obsessed ha ha but its great. I ate taco bell and a chinola (passion fruit) shake. Then we printed photos.

Hmm what else. We are working hard. There is a 13 year old who is named Anyeudy. He has a date for the 21st. Almost was baptized before and now he should make the 21st. His mom came to church for the first time in forever and said she enjoyed it and wants to keep coming. 

Another woman came to church named Marina. Her daughter is a member. We are working with them and hoping that the family will progress! All is well. Trying to find a lot more investigators and people that are interested!

Not much else is going on really. We ate at this good place with yaroa. Which is cheese fries with shredded chicken. Super yummy! Also strawberry shakes. reminds me of how grandma always made them by her pool and we ate chips and pb and j´s!

I have been slacking on Word of the Week - incuesta means survey. I took one because we went to the capital on Friday for a capacitation for me and E. Frampton. Went well. Saw some buddies. especially E. Valencia. He is doing well. He goes home this transfer sadly but I love that guy!

Funny story. My comp wanted to throw a baseball with some kids so he grabbed the ball (it was plastic but a little hard) and with his shoulder bag on, he attempted to throw it. Well he was way off and ended up hitting a lady. It was pretty bad but it just bounced off. No injury but the lady was upset. Ah funny after the fact but sad. He also almost face planted it trying to do a Karl Malone lay up. Ah my comp... great guy!

Hmm what else. Not much. We are always trying to be better each day! My comp eats out of control sometimes ha ha. I am doing better at controlling my appetite.

Well all is well. I love you tons! Be safe!


Elder Chez Green

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