Sunday, February 8, 2015

February 2, 2015 - Hello Lovely Fam!

I hope all is well. Crazy awesome you got to see Jay and talk to him! Way cool!

So we had Yoscar´s baptism this Friday. It was raining off and on but we held it. A lot of male members showed up but not much other support from the ward but it turned out pretty good. Not many investigators showed up to the baptism but all is well. We are working to find more people ready to progress and advance in the gospel. Our Mission Pres. wants us to get more and more people progressing and has a goal of 15 to 20 investigators progressing each week. We are going to have to work even harder now.
The Caribbean conference went well. Elder Anderson of the 2nd quorum of the seventy talked. He did a great job, and did it all in Spanish. He talked on faith. Then Bonnie Oscarson spoke in English and it was translated. Then Elder Holland spoke. He started in Spanish and it was awesome. Pretty good. Then he spoke and they translated for him. His talk was good. He bore his testimony in Spanish. After Elder Packer spoke and started in Spanish as well, then changed to English. He made a funny joke about computers not being around when he was a kid. And talked about using the delete key to delete bad thoughts in our minds. It was great. We had some investigators show up. Not too many though. More rain... The sound also wasn't working very well but it turned out okay in the end.

On Thursday we went to the temple. That was cool and we taught Hna Carmen. She really felt the spirit of the temple. That was pretty great. She just isn't married and is having problems with that. But she felt the spirit. We pray she is doing well.

Well other than that I think all is well. Oh we got a new phone. Phew problem solved.

Today we played some bball! Pretty great! I love ward courts. I was doing pretty good for not having played much in over a year. Good stuff.

Crazy info about Utah bball and the super bowl, but good times. I am grateful for the updates.

Well I think that is all really. Be safe people. I will keep working hard. Feb. is upon us. Super crazy!

Well love you all!

Elder Chez Green

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