Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 4, 2015 - Hello All

Well next week we will be talking! I hope everyone is ready haha! 730 pm DR time. Yes 730 PM so everyone can make it! 7:30 Wahoo!

I pray there are no difficulties but we will see. So it has been a great week really. I am grateful for all the experiences had. WE got to visit the temple and I also had the chance to perform the baptism for Jose Miguel!
Today we went to Megacentro (the mall) and ate some good meat and mofongo, which is mashed up fried plantains! So delicious. I also printed photos for some of the ward members and for the baptisms that we had. It was a good day and I also got a nice nap in. The heat here is very strong but we keep on going!
I appreciate the package that arrived and a letter from dad with pictures. I thank you all so much. A great gift for sure! The package got beat up but it arrived, pop tarts are still pop tarts, even if they are crumbly! So delicious!
Well my time seems to be flying by today but it has been a great week. Truly the temple was very spiritual and I understood almost everything in Spanish. I also felt a lot more comfortable talking in Spanish in the temple as well!
Our area is progressing. We have some baptismal dates, and one investigator came to the baptism! It was a great feeling and I was privileged to perform the ordinance. Nice to get a little wet and cool off as well! We have 5 hopeful dates for the month of May. I pray we may be able to keep them going!
WE helped a family move and carried some couches and chairs a couple blocks to another house. It was nice and hot there! The sun is really beating down here lately!
So a great quote I read today from E. Holland. He said ¨I´m on the pencil, but you´ve got to do the writing¨ referring to missionaries and how we should be humble in the Lord´s work. I really enjoyed it a lot!
Wow the twins got baptized. Pictures please!!!! congrats to hem. Tell them I love them tons!

Spanish here is very different yes. WOW bostezar which means to yawn!
As for a package, nothing big. Simple stuff is the best really. But thank you!
Good luck Shantaye with the AP test!
well time is gone. talk to you on Sunday night, and then emailing on Monday haha! lots of love!


Elder Chez Green

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