Sunday, May 17, 2015

April 27, 2015 - Hello - Happy Birthday Mom!

Hey family how is it all going! I hope all is well and everyone is happy. I am doing well. The baptism of Santico went well and we are all happy really! It was a little stressful, like all baptisms are here, because people are always late and what not, but in the end it worked out. I am dead tired this week from all the walking, and the mission is taking it´s toll on me physically I have noted the last couple of days. But we keep on going! Our house is small for 4 missionaries but we are having fun. Not getting to bed on time but such s life! hehe
José Miguel has his baptism this Saturday as well. We are very excited for him! I am looking forward to it. The other elders will be receiving one for their area, as we divided the area and he is on their side. But in the end it all counts for the same. We are very excited. We see him as a future missionary some day. He is very humble and willing to accept the gospel. A great guy and friend. He has asked me to perform the ordinance as well which I am honored to do so.
We are trying to find families that are interested now so they can accept the gospel. We will keep working with them and we will find them. The bishop here has an idea to get 1 reference every month from every member. A great plan!
So Elder Peña is my companion. He is one of about 15 Dominican elders here in the mission. Yes there are not very many. I can finally answer the question for you dad! He is from the south. A place called Barraohna. He is the only member in his family, a convert from 4 years back. An only child. He is very funny and very big. He reminds me of the bear from Jungle Book! Big blue or something like that. He makes me laugh ad we are getting along well here!

WoW is teriquito which I heard means ticklish inside, here in the DR at least! That is how an investigator described the spirit. Pretty great!

Hmm what else. We are going to the temple this week Wahoo! So today is a short Pday for that reason. But we cleaned the house and bought some needed supplies and I will get reimbursed for it!
I love the ward and the leaders here! Such great people!
Awesome that dad will be STH of the Match for RSL! I hope it is a great experience. Take pictures please! Tough they lost so bad, but missing a lot of players isn't easy. I am excited to go to the last couple of games!
Congrats to Mitch Mortimer and to Jonathan. That is great and exciting news. The mission really is an amazing experience so enjoy it and prepare for it. It will change you and make you better!

Well that's all. Time is up. Love ya tons! 


Elder Chez Green

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