Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May 26, 2014 - Hello Lovely Family

Hi Family,

It has been another week and a new transfer. The news is that this will only be a 4 week transfer and then an 8 week transfer is coming. Well we will see how that all goes but for now I am happy. Pres and Hna Hernandez leave the mission at the end of this transfer.

So the biggest and best news for this week is the baptism that we had for Samuel! Wahoo it was awesome. He got there early and we took a lot of pictures. Investigators for us and for the other Elder´s showed up as well. And the surprising part is...

Pres and Hna Hernandez also showed up! Wow I wasn´t expecting that at all. It was pretty cool though. Another 14 yr old got baptized for the other Elders. It was a pretty fun experience and I enjoyed it a lot. The baptism room was so full and we didn´t have room for everyone but it all turned out well. It was what you want from a baptism, spiritual with a lot of support and everything. Pretty awesome! E. Turketo´s first one! He was pretty happy about it I believe which is cool.

The other big news is that next week we will be having a baptism as well! That is pretty cool. Her name is Eufemia and she has come to church for over 2 years and she is very consistent. She lives with her spouse and they have done everything possible to get the papers worked out but it has never come through, so she hasn´t been able to be baptized. But she had an interview with the Stake Pres and then with the ZL´s and Pres. Hernandez has given special permission that she may get baptized. Pretty awesome! She wants the ward mission leader to do it and we are all for that. The whole ward is very excited for her!

Today was parque del este and I got sunburned. It was fun though. I played soccer with my new shoes and I really enjoyed that. I am a happy camper! This week I have had an ingrown toenail which hasn´t been the funnest but it is getting better. Hna Larsen who is in my district is a nurse and she cleaned it all for me and helped get some of the worst parts out of there. Then the swelling has gone and I am taking pills for the infection. It feels so much better and I hope to keep it that way. You know stubborn ole me I didn´t want to go see the mission doctor but now it is feeling better so it all worked!

It seems all is going well at home! Wow Donovan got cut from the USA! I did not expect that! Crazy news! So the Memorial Day Breakfast. I love that! Tell the ward hi please!

Wow Nat Borchers has a crazy beard but that is super awesome! Maybe I should have one like that when I get back!

Congrats to Shantaye on making concert choir! So awesome! Way to go little sis! Congrats to Alex on his decision to keep playing soccer. I know that will be awesome for him! Well I think that is really all. There are other things but no time to waste. The work is ahead of us! Talk to you all next week and be safe!


Elder Chez Green

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