Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 19, 2014 - Hey Fam! Transfer time , , ,

And the big news is, I am staying here as district leader and my companion is E. Turketo! But one guy in our house is changing. The other big news is this transfer is only 4 weeks and the next will be 8 because the new mission pres is coming in. It will be interesting how it all works out but I get to spend some more good time with E. Turketo! Wahoo we are both pretty stoked about that part! And we will both be here for the baptism of Samuel which is this Saturday. He had his interview and did great. We are excited for him! His mom came to church this week which was great! We are still working with the Valdez family and have an appt with them tonight!

So on Thursday I had a good experience. After I gave my talk we went with the zone leaders and planned. On the bus I was passing by someone to sit next to them, there was a metal piece sticking out on the seat and yes, I ripped my pants and my undergarment too. It was about an inch size hole but E. Lara sealed it up for me which was super nice of him!

Thanks again for the package. The food is delicious. I love the body wash as well! So the changes have come but there aren´t a ton. Today I had problems with the internet so I am working a little faster.

W of W is bautismo which is baptism! Today we cleaned the house, like a deep clean. I swept and mopped and it was just us 2 because another E. in the house got kidney stones last night. Ouch. They left in the middle of the night to the clinic. We also went to Parque del este to play a little with some other elders. It was fun and relaxing. Last night we had a missionary work devotional for the whole stake and we as missionaries sang for it. It was pretty cool! We hope to see the fruits of our labor.

I got a letter from Aunt Theo which was great. Well I am not sure what else to say with this short time. I love you all and keep praying personally please. It is so important and our Father in Heaven always wants to hear from us. Be safe! love you all!


Elder Chez Green

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