Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 12, 2014 - Hi All!

Hello Everyone,

A special shout out to my Mother as it was her Mother´s Day yesterday! It was great talking to everyone. The 4 way Skype was perfect and exactly what I wanted. Then talking to Dad for 15 minutes was awesome as well! It was a great time! I feel so proud to have such a great family! Thanks for everything.

A special hello to all those I didn´t get to talk to. I am always thinking about you family! I hope Grandma and Grandpa are doing well as well as all of Dad and Mom´s family! I love you all!

So this week went well. On Tuesday I came down with another fever and I am not sure why. It wasn´t too high but not enjoyable. We did an exchange with the ZL´s and my comp went out and kept working! That was nice. Then on Wednesday it was my first Leadership Conference or meeting! That was pretty cool. I get to listen to some good talks, especially by Pres. Hernandez. He talked about being a good leader, but especially for after the mission! Pretty awesome! I got the package that day as well! Happy day!

I loved the package! All the candy is delicious and the body wash and RSL things. Just what I needed thank you! I am a happy camper. Thursday was district meeting and then Sunday I called home. That was pretty much the week.

Today we played some soccer and dominoes. I was partners with Hna Larson from AZ and we won! She was just learning how to play but it was pretty fun! We also ate hamburgers too. That was delicious!

A Peruvian family in our ward cooked us lunch on Saturday! Church was good though only a couple investigators were able to make it. I hope we can keep working with the Valdez Family but we will see. They are hard to find at home.

Awesome news about the prelim squad for USA! I hope they can advance out of their group. Glad RSL pulled a come back too! Wahoo! Awesome news that RSL also got a win in Houston! That has been forever. Boo ya keep breaking records and making history! Sounds like playoffs are great and that Durant is just a class act! Wahoo!

The Cheney boys looked great with Rimando! Sorry my comp didn´t talk more. I forgot about the accent. We mostly talk in Spanish so I don´t get to enjoy it much either sadly. But it is okay! It was great talking to everyone!

Well the time has gone by fast as always! I love you all be safe out there. A big shout out to all my friends, especially those on their missions. I hope the Lynch´s and Mortimer´s and Mossman´s enjoyed talking to their sons! Be safe! Love yáll!


Elder Chez Green

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