Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013

          Hi Family,
How is it going family? I can't believe it has been a week. As some elders have said, weeks feel like days and days feel like weeks. I think that is pretty true. I have been getting fed a lot here, so don't worry about that. 
So my normal day is wake up, breakfast, class with Hermana Matos then lunch then language study followed by Gym and dinner. Then 3 more hours of class with Hermano Rodriguez. I really like my teachers here and have been having a lot of fun! One of my favorite phrases right now that I have learned is, "Es un chiste" which means 'it's a joke.' But you have to say it in a funny accent. I have also learned zero slang here because they are not supposed to teach you any of it.
My companion is from near Spanish Fork, he is 18 and is Elder Gabler. In my room we have Elder Murphy and Elder Hope as well. Our district is Ammon. I sent out a letter yesterday so keep track of when it arrives. I guess the church sends all letters by pouch to Miami and then they are stuck in the mail there. Pretty interesting. So while I am here, I will need American stamps to get the letters from Miami to all of you. And we can't purchase them here sadly. 
Well I have been enjoying myself here, the work is hard, we have an "investigator" we are practicing with everyday. That is pretty hard to do when you barely know how to put sentences together. It's hard to say what you are prompted to in a different language since you can't say it right. But I am grateful for the opportunity and practice.
I have been playing Ultimate Frisbee a lot for Gym time with a teacher. This teacher and I kind of have a rivalry going when we play frisbee so we always give each other crap in the hallways. Its fun. Then another teacher is trying to learn French and challenged me that he would learn French faster than I would learn Spanish. So of course I said it's on. I can't back down to a good challenge, especially one that will motivate me.
Most of the missionaries that are here are 18. Way weird! I thought I would be the youngest in the MTC or one of them, now I am one of the oldest. Out of all 60-ish missionaries here (who live on two floors, cafeteria at the bottom floor) There are maybe 10 that are 19 and even fewer who went to college. Crazy but its alright. I have made some friends with other Elders here. One of them Elder Jeppsen hates bananas a ton. And we have bananas everyday at lunch. So as a "chiste" or joke, I took a bannna peel, knocked on his door and waited for him to come out. Then I threw it in at him and dashed away. I thought it was pretty funny. We laugh a lot to break up the continued schedule of learning and teaching. It's good and helps me stay focused but happy.
Okay so my travels went well. I slept on all of the flights to help pass the time, which was very nice. We got in to the DR around 9:15 I believe and then I waited with an Elder because they lost his bag. We were the last ones on the bus. I guess some Elders got swindled and gave some people helping them with the bags some money! Oh my I would have known not to do that but oh well. It seemed like a lot of people didn't know how to travel so I am grateful that I did. Thank you mom and dad. On the flight from Utah to LA I saw Rodger (Jamie Pruden's friend) who I play basketball with. What a coincidence. Haha so funny. Wendy's was my last meal in the US via the Miami airport. Then we got here, it wasn't super humid but now it is. Playing in the sun during gym, I know how hot and sweaty I will get.
Umm the first day was orientation. My President here is President Freestone. He is very nice! On Tuesday we got a Devotional from Elder Corneish (he talked in general conference a little while ago) who is in the Second Quorum of the Seventy. Like I have said, it's been fun here. I got to play soccer yesterday for gym, just a little calle (street) soccer but it was still fun. And today I went through the temple here since the MTC is on the same complex as the temple. That was very enjoyable.
I am not sure what else to say in the time I have left so I will end it here I believe. I love all of you guys! Thanks for everything and I will talk to you all very soon (next week hehe).

Elder Chez Green

Hi Dad,
The SLC airport had about 10 other missionaries, then LA had maybe 15 and by the time I was in Miami there were about 30-35 missionaries! Pretty awesome and crazy! Pass that info on to the family please, I forgot to add that. All of them were elders too except one sister.

We don't get to leave the MTC to teach no. The food is rice and fruit/vegetable beans and a meat (pork/chicken) everyday. Pancakes for breakfast and bacon. Always rolls. Then juice to drink. Language is coming along alright. The discussions are hard in another language. Bedrooms are nice, two bunk beds,  toilet, shower, two sinks. 4 to a room.

Elder Chez Green

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