Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 11, 2013 - Family of Mine

Hola family of Mine!

How is everyone doing? I hope well. I am doing well here in the DR. Still no water for us but that is alright. We are working hard here but the success has not been immediate. Not that I really expected that or anything but it's all good! I am having fun and teaching the gospel as best I can. I don´t always speak a ton because I am still learning the language and I know what I want to say just not how to say it exactly correct. But that is alright with me. I am trying hard and that is what really matters.

We are teaching a family of 4 that I hope will progress. I enjoy the times when we teach them and we are going to show them a family home evening tonight. I want them to keep learning but we will see. It's not really up to me after all. The people here use the bible a ton which is cool but hard for me because I don't know the bible a lot. That is okay though because I am learning a ton. We have also been doing a lot of contacting with people at homes but the appts we schedule fall through a lot of the time. Hard but life. This keyboard in this Internet Hub is not very nice sorry for my typos and such. Tonight we are going to do a family night with some investigators and then hopefully members. That really is important for families to have those nights to talk and have fun and to just be together.

Today we went to the stake center and played soccer and basketball. That was way fun! I enjoyed it a lot. I got to play some soccer which is my passion! Can´t get any better than that on a P day. Oh we also had to wash our clothes somewhere else because there is no water in the Chapel either. Kind of difficult but no biggy.

So awesome that RSL won with only 10 men in OT! That makes me smile really big! Good luck to them in the rest of playoffs. Beat Portland too! wow boo ya! I have faith (in the gospel and in them haha), Can´t believe its basketball season already! What a high score dad! Really amazing stuff!

I believe the problem with our house is the pump but who knows. As of now I don´t think we are going to change houses but that okay. I have a talk this Sunday in church and I need to prepare it all in Spanish. That should be fun haha!

Haha mom no we do not have a toilet. We walk across the street to use the bathroom in the chapel hahahaha. It is fun stuff. Always an adventure! I really do appreciate the order of America everyday. So many things we all take for granted in the USA! We do all our own wash but everyone has these little washers and then the dryer just rings out all the water, then you hang dry your things. I will have to take a picture for everyone to see. I have always been able to communicate and understand my companion pretty well. He speaks Mexican Spanish which I know (thanks JJ Am and Damian) It is the people here that have a tough accent but I can catch some things. Still practicing.

We can´t eat with the members unless we get very special permission. It is a health situation and a money thing. Kind of hard but oh well! We have a gas stove to cook!

Packages go to the mission home and then the AP or DL brings them to us. Letters as well.

Am, I love the tummy pics! Thank you for that. Oh family I would also like a 4 by 6 picture of all of us please from the wedding. That is most recent I believe. Then I can show people a bigger one as well. I didn't get to see all the wedding pics but I am sure they are great JJ and Whitney.

Damian is in the bishopric! woo hoo congrats! So much change in the USA! I have had a lot of spiritual experiences. I am learning to get along with my companion no matter what. He really is a great guy though. He's willing to work and friendly. He also knows a lot of Spanish and about the bible which is important. I need his help everyday. We have been having fun here. We talk about spiritual talks and then other things too. Much to do. I love you all so much. Sorry I don´t have more words to share. Keep up all the good work! Love you all! besos y abrazos!


Elder Chez Green

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