Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013 - My lovely Family!

Hello my family

I hope everything is well. All is well here of course! I still don{t have water but that is okay. We go to the church for the water that we need to clean dishes and wash clothes and then take showers at another Elder´s house that is about 15 minutes away. That takes away from our proselyting time which is somewhat difficult but that is okay. I am enjoying it here that is for sure. My allergy has all cleared up and I am feeling great. Doing my best to preach to all the people we see.

First off, we went to the mar or sea today. They don´t call it the ocean unless it is way out there. That was a good time I would say! I took some pictures and I hope you get some of them. The computers here are not super fast so it is hard to send them but I will do the best that I can!

Word of the day is lejos which means far. (I believe that is how you spell it anyways) We use that a lot. The directions or addresses here are so hard to record and houses are just crammed every which way. But it is a fun time to be here working as best I can.

We had an investigator come to church this Sunday which was way awesome! This area didn´t have great missionaries before so we have been trying to find people to teach and find the people who they were teaching before. It is proving somewhat difficult to find people but it is working so that is good!

I can not believe Ron is the new bishop!!! That is so crazy but awesome! I did not expect that but then again I kind of did. I had been thinking about it now for the last week at night who I thought it would be. I guessed that Scott would be a counselor but whoo hoo that is awesome! I want to here Jay´s reaction to that one and the whole Mortimer family. Wow all three of those guys have young kids. Especially Derek and Scott! I am so happy for them. Tell them congrats from me!

What else is new here in Primavera, San Pedro de Macoris! Well not a ton that I can think of really. Ummm the members here are great and really help us a lot. They are always willing to go with us to lessons or give references when they have them. That is so nice and important for the missionaries. Investigators need friends in the Church if they are going to stay active and keep doing all they can!

Yesterday was Fast Sunday and testimony meeting which was very good. The testimonies of the members were very powerful though I couldn´t understand all of it super well. My Spanish is slowly coming like I thought it would! IT is so difficult to learn as you go and I have trouble saying what I want to but I know the Lord will help me with all of that.

We haven´t moved houses yet and I am not sure if or when that will happen but I am content where I am for now! I can´t believe there is snow in Utah! That is crazy. I won´t get that here I bet! Mom thank you for the stamps I will need them greatly. I appreciate it. I think you idea for packages is smart. It will work terrifically thank you!

Not sure what medicine I took but I think it was Afrenadrin or something like that. Who knows. The president´s wife said to use that but I got some better stuff and I also have my own pills I can use. I think we have a lot of members in the branch but a lot of less active like I mentioned. The first Sunday I counted about 50 members who came to church. We have a lot of work to do still!

Please keep me updated on RSL! And Utah and who won the world series. I still want a little sports fix every P day ha-ha. I can´t get it out of my blood that easy just yet!

Oh today it rained kind of a lot. It had stopped so I put my shirts outside to hang dry (since that is all that we have ha-ha) and then it rained more while were out at the sea. I ended up washing my shirts three times because of that ha-ha. Once because they were dirty, the second because our line broke and the shirts fell in the dirt and the third because of the rain. I think that is pretty funny!

So lunch we buy meat to cook and usually have beans and rice. Those three things are called the Bandera (flag) here. It is what everyone eats almost all the time. Breakfast it is yogurt and cereal and fruit and whatever else we have or bought. And then dinner is once we are home at about 9 or 9 30. We buy bread for that usually and have eggs or ham and cheese sandwiches. It is good I am eating well but I am not overeating which I think is important!

Dad I am glad your trip and talk went well! That is very important. Sorry about the rash but hey I had one too here ha-ha. The meetings in the mission home went well. Just about finances and health. The important non spiritual things you needed to learn. The interview with President Herñadez was short but good. He is very nice and all the missionaries only have good things to say about him! Yes 2 hours away. San Pedro de Macoris. The Rama or branch is Primavera and we live across the street from the ward building. Directly across. Like I said not really directions here but all is well. I have Neosporin yes!

Love you all a ton! Time is really about up. Gotta send this and make sure it goes through! ha-ha good times. Enjoy the pics I sent to mom. It is hard to send a lot because the computers are slow sorry.

Bye Bye


Elder Chez Green

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