Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 15, 2014 - Èllo Lovelies!

Hello all of you out there!
I am just sending an email on my modified P day since I didn´t get to take one on Monday! Sorry for the wait but hey we are chatting it up now so I think it is good. Like I said before, I am staying here in Primavera en San Pedro de Macoris with Elder Valencia! I am enjoying it out here and happy to be with Elder Valencia for 1 more transfer! He has taught me a lot and we get along really well! I am happy that we can work harder in this area and I am looking forward to all of the fun we will have this transfer. We set goals and I am going to be working hard to teach him English. We also want some baptisms if that is the Lord´s will, which would be awesome too. We want to reactivate a lot of less actives as well. We have a lot of work ahead of us but our plan is in place and we are ready to go!
Am congrats on being on Live TV! That is so cool! I hope all went well. I didn´t see that until now so I am not sure if I should keep praying but you are always in my prayers. That goes for all my family, extended as well! I hope everyone is safe and doing well!

So we/I have been translating out in a clinic for the Students and Doctors from New York this week as well. We went Monday and yesterday to do it. It is fun but also very tiring and very different work from what I am used to by now. Changing from English to Spanish fast is not easy and there are a lot of questions and words that don´t translate very well but I am learning a lot. The only problem is we aren´t working much in our area. After 6 o´clock on the days of service and not more than that. It is good though and I have gone to the clinic to help 4 times now and I expect to go more this week. Then it ends on Friday and it will be back to normal. My comp and I are also going to the Capital which should be good!

So I got a Christmas card from the Baich family! Thank them from me please! That was very nice of them! I hope all of the ward is doing well and please send my love and support to all of them. Especially the Young Men!

Today we went to the restaurant by our house called Papi Chimi again. It has good shakes that are pretty cheap and the food is good. It is Dominican food but I enjoy it a lot. Rice and beans with ground beef or chicken. They also have good sandwiches. We go there every week it seems like now.

Today we also went shopping at Jumbo. I enjoy going to the big super market because it reminds me of home a little bit. They have a lot of food and most of everything you could want. I don´t buy a lot because it is expensive but I enjoy looking. I have started buying apples there because they are pretty good. They are about $1.25 for an apple. Is that a lot or pretty good? They are normal size. Just curious. I also bought pop tarts today because I had some mission money I could use. I am using a budget and teaching my companion about them too. He is enjoying that.

So my comp and I played Mancala today! Do you guys remember that game? It is super fun! Where you have pieces and round little holes you have to move back and forth. I think Danny gave it to us from the Philippines or something. Anyways we played that and it was fun. It reminded me of home a little. There is a good family home evening idea for you all! Play it and think of me ha-ha.

Our house is better now. I am happy with it because we keep it clean and livable. We have talked about looking for another house so we will work on it in the coming week or so but moving is also such a hassle so we will see.

Word of the day is mueca which is the DR Slang of making a funny face. Real Spanish is Hacer un mohin I believe but here it is mueca. Oh the DR Spanish!

I did know I would get a new mission President thanks mom for the info! Crazy that Jay and Kevin get new ones too! We will all be experiencing big changes in the coming months. Fun times! I love that scripture thank you tons Mom! D and C 100 5 through 8 is a great one! My health is pretty much better. A little cough here and there but I think it is more the air than anything. I did use Vicks and my cold medicine which helped.

On Sundays we go to the meeting for the ward counsel early in the morning then Priesthood is first. After we teach a Preach my Gospel class which is what the Pres. of the Mission wants in all of the wards and branches. We just finished that and we try to get references and they need 5 in the course to graduate but it is hard. I just finished reading the whole Gospel Principles book all the way through. That was pretty cool! I really enjoy that part. I was also reading in Preach My Gospel about Enduring to the End and how it is so important to all of us. The power of Repentance is real and we should use the Atonement everyday. Great stuff I wish I could expound more!

Well that is all I believe! I love you all! Keep your heads up! And just keep swimming, just keep swimming! 42 I Sherman Wallaby Way Sidney!

Finding Nemo Quote ha-ha sorry. I think it is mostly right! I don´t get to quote movies with many people because no one knows them like our family and Jay do. Oh well it is probably better that way.
Love you all!

Elder Chez Green

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