Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014 - Hi All!

Hey Everyone!

So a change of P-day means the email is a day late but never late than never! I have a lot to talk about and a lot to address so let's get started!

Well first congrats on the foreign exchange student! That is way cool we are going to have one back in Utah. Keeping the tradition going! I hope all is well there!

Okay so we have water right now still which is nice. We just have to use the pump every 2 or 3 days to fill up our tank and the water is only from the street to our house from 12 to 4 everyday so we have to fill up our tank in that time. Then when it is out, it is out. So that is what we are doing as of right now.

The only tough thing now is that our toilet has stopped functioning but is still leaking ha-ha but we are alright we just have to flush it with a bucket of water. No biggy there but there is always something ya know.

So New Year's was good and we had a dinner with the Pres of the Branch and his family. It was delicious. We had chicken pork apples grapes empanadas and sweets. I enjoyed it a lot and especially the empanadas. Those are so delicious here!

So I got Am´s letter for Christmas. Thank you so much for that! It was great! Made me smile and laugh!

So the service yesterday was in our area and I think that is why the Mission president asked us to do it along with two other Americans. We went to a really poor area where there were students and doctors waiting with a lot of supplies and the people lined up to get looked at. We were delegated as the translators. It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. A little nerve racking but not much because the Hispanic people don´t know any doctor terms and neither do I. I felt really good helping all of these people! It was really enjoyable and I had a smile on my face the whole time. The universities were from upstate New York and I met a lot of cool people who were willing to sacrifice their time to help these people! I love that and it is one reason I am a missionary here. I also enjoyed it because I felt like I was on House the TV show! That is true how doctors need to investigate what the problem is. I enjoyed that part of it a lot and it reminded me of always watching House with Mom and all of those great memories! I love you Mom!

So the other awesome thing we did today was we went to Paco Taco which is the only Mexican place here in San Pedro! That was delicious and I am still full as of right now! It was actually pretty Mexican which I was happy about. It is pretty expensive for here but back in the states it was like 15 dollars for a fajita drink and a taco. I am glad we went in case one or both of us leave this area next week! Transfers are coming quick!

The New Year's was pretty loud but I don´t have trouble sleeping thankfully! I am happy for that! I just hit the bed and usually sleep through the night. I got a cold this week but no biggy. Word of the Week is gripe which means a cold (actually means flu but everyone uses it as the common cold). I keep on working though because it isn´t too bad. I didn´t stay up for it that is for sure ha-ha.

That is great Shantaye had a party at the house and a sleepover! Sounds fun! Awesome the Utes are doing well in Bball! I love to see that! I am happy to hear about the NFL Playoffs and the bowl games and that all is well. Funny story of the stolen one shoe Damian and Dad! I like that ha-ha.

They fly the packages form Florida to the DR with a certain company. I am not sure on more details than that.

The toilet leaks from the house and the floor and we don´t know where else but no biggy! All is well! Congrats on the calling Mom! Team teaching with Nicole sounds way awesome! I am glad you got to see the Hobbit part 2 as well Mom! Awesome on the call ups for our three RSL guys! Boo ya lets get the Cup go USA!!!

Well I can´t think of anything else really. All is well. We will see if I leave or stay. I am working hard with the investigators here but it isn´t super easy. The difficulty is getting them to church. We had some in the classes this Sunday but they had to leave. Oh well we will keep going! No worries there! I love you all. Thanks for all the emails I hope I replied to about everything! I always try to do my best but an hour always passes quickly! Love you!


Elder Chez Green

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