Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 17, 2014 - Temple, Hand Washing, etc.

Hi family!

A ton went on today and this week! It is chuck full so I hope I have time to write it all and read all the emails I have received. Thanks for always keeping my inbox full and I always do my best to read it all even if I can´t reply.

So this week I got my package from Mom and Dad with some awesome ties and tie clips, the candy and sirachi sauce! So delicious and I loved the ties Dad thank you so much. The purple stripped one that is a little thinner is my new favorite! I am going to try and find some more like that one in different colors. A great tie! So thanks for the package! It was awesome to receive it. I am happy to have the Thai sauce!
This week we went to the temple which was so great! I got to participate in a session that was very spiritual and enjoyable. As missionaries we get to go about every 6 months or so and this was my first trip. Very exciting and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have a temple close enough to travel to. We went Thursday morning and I got a lot of answers to my questions and I truly felt the love God has for me and for all of us inside the temple. I hope one day we can all go as a family and feel how amazing it is to be there. The temple truly is a little peace of heaven here on earth! We did the session in Spanish and it went well! I liked it a lot! It was nice to see the newer version of the movie (not the newest) in Spanish because in the MTC they only had the older one. I felt so good inside the temple! Strengthened my testimony of how important it is and why we should go. So many blessings.

So after the temple we took pictures and had some fun. Then we went to Wendy´s! So delicious though it isn´t the same. The hamburgers are smaller and though the frosty was good, it didn´t have quite the same flavor but it was pretty darn close I must say. I enjoyed that a lot. In the temple store I also bought some white suspenders because I noticed my white pants don´t fit super great anymore. I guess that is just part of being here in the DR.
So I was thinking this week about something funny. In the states there is always an idea of something like a taxi cab love story right? Something like you both get in together on accident and that is where the connection starts. Well anyways I was thinking about that and how here in the DR that would never work. The reason for that is because everyone here shares a taxi! So I just thought that was kinda funny. You could be share a taxi with a 70 yr old man or a 14 yr old boy or an old lady. It doesn´t matter. So if you come here, don´t be looking for a taxi cab love story!

On Friday we had our district meeting and we went to a Mexican restaurant. I got to talk a lot with E. Lara from Mexico which was awesome. He was one of the 1st elders I met when I first entered the field and we are super good friends. I love him a lot and we get a long super well. He is ZL right now in Ozama so we get to hang out and see each other a lot. It is sweet! I enjoyed Mexican food with a Mexican! It isn´t like Mexico but it was good. I am also in the same zone as a good friend E. Jeppsen from Utah. He was in the MTC with me for the whole time. We have lots of fun!

I got letters from Dad with the pictures, as well as from JJ and Whitney! Thank you all so much! I loved getting them and it made me super happy! Oh in my house we have bunk beds I don´t know if I told you! It is pretty sweet. I am up top!

So I hand washed my clothes for the first time today. It was good but a little hard because we don´t have a washing board or anything. I just used my hands and a brush that an other Elder had. The reason is there is no power. Oh the joys. at first we thought someone stole our power box and we made a report with the police today. Then we found out it was canceled but it has been somewhat of a hassle here. It happens though. So right now we have water but no power haha! But my clothes should be dry by the time we get back to the house, or mostly anyways! I am glad I knew how to do it before! It was different but the concept was the same. We hope to get the power figured out soon because sleeping without a fan at night is not easy. The real reason we need it though is to charge our cell phones!

Today we had water wars with the zone and played games and ate food. IT was super fun! Well I am going to send this before I lose it. The internet is bad. I love you all tons!


Elder Chez Green

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