Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 3, 2014 - Big News Huh!

Hi Family!

My inbox is flooded! (Remember not to send me forwards please, I don´t have time to read them please) So I hear the baby has been born! Little Ferrari is what his name was and his name now is... Connor D.! Wow how awesome. A C name just like mine! Thanks Am and Damian for thinking of me so I can be Uncle C and he can be Little C to me! ha-ha Wahoo! Awesome news that everything went well! I am so happy to hear that! congrats to Amberlee the new mom and Damian the new Dad, as well as the rest of the family!
I love the picture of Connor with un futbol by his feet! Please send me some hard copy pictures of him when you can! I love it all so much thanks for the pictures and congrats to all!

I got Grandma´s two letters. One with pictures of the family and the other was a nice letter! I also got one from Kevin Lynch. Wahoo!

So I am in Los Mameyes zone Ozama which is in the capital. We live in a house of 4 missionaries. It is going to be very different to me to live in a house of 4. It may be hard to make good relaciones with my companion to live in a house of 4 but we will see. I am looking forward to work hard in this area. As I told you I am training. I went to the capital on Tuesday to meet my comp and get an intro from Pres. for just the trainers but... my companion hadn´t arrived yet! He was still at the Provo MTC (he went there because his visa took a while to come in) My companions´ name is Elder Turketo and he is from New Zealand! Yup that is right. He has a very different accent but it is super cool. Sometimes it is hard to understand but I like to hear it a lot. I know Shantaye would like it too. I don´t know much about New Zealand but he will teach me a lot I know.

He came in on Thursday night so Tuesday and Wednesday we cleaned the apartment and left the house as a trio. E. Palomina from Nicaragua and E. Adams from Utah are in my house as well. E. Turketo has a twin brother that is in the West DR mission and I met him as well because the AP´s picked them both up. We got settled a little bit and went to bed and we have been working hard. We don't have much info in our area book but that is okay. We are working with what we have and doing our best! It was hard to wait to see who my comp would be but I was learning more patience I think. I have been learning a lot of that here! My comp doesn´t know much Spanish but that is to be expected. I am trying to help him learn while not going too hard on him. I hope it is working alright. I am a little overwhelmed training him but it is good!

Well the time ran out so fast this week. I was checking all the pictures and the whole story of what happened with the family but all is well! I am a happy man! I am a proud Uncle as well!

J.J. and Whitney sorry I read both of your emails but I won´t be able to reply until next week. I love you both tons and I am so glad to hear from you both. I promise to write next week! I love everyone of you! Be safe and smile big! I will have to try and tell stories next week maybe. All is well here. Stay sweet! (Hot Rod Quote)

Lots of love!

Elder Chez Green

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