Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 8, 2014 - Hello Everyone!

Well today I believe we will have power and I will have sufficient time to write you. I want to give a little more info from last week and then talk about this week. We will see how it all turns out. First off I love you all very much! I hope all is well and everyone is holding strong.

So this Tuesday we will go to the temple. Or tomorrow. I am very excited for that experience! I look forward to it! Pres. Corbitt has been focusing a lot on it and that we take advantage of it. He asked us to bring our patriarchal blessings so we can read it in the temple. A good reminder for all of us! We will also have a special meeting with the Temple Pres. I am excited.

We had the Mission Tour where Elder Martinez (of the Seventy) and his wife spoke to us along with Pres. Corbitt and his wife. The mission is undergoing a big change so we can be more obedient to the mission rules and it will take time. They are being more strict on our Preparation Days (they want us to avoid using Pday because it can sound like ¨play day¨but it isn´t.) We are working to get the rules more direct so the missionaries can obey them and the Zl and STL (sister training leaders) have a meeting with Pres. in the following week so we can get firm decisions.

Our investigator Luis David is progressing very well. We are so excited for him! He is thinking about changing his date because he is progressing so well. The other date with Gullermina fell through but we are hopeful that she can keep progressing. We have found new people to teach as well, which is great. We are working hard and E. Palomino is a great missionary. I am learning a lot from him and in my studies as well! It is super cool! I like learning. I am starting to understand more of the bible and help answer questions with it. It is a great experience and I am so grateful for the scriptures as well as modern day revelation!

Awesome the Utes could win in football! I saw a guy the other day here with a Utah shirt. I thought about asking him for it or buying it but it was Sunday so I couldn´t (just joking) But I don´t think anyone knows what it is but me. I enjoyed it though. Gave me a smile!

Awesome that RSL won as well. I am wearing my jersey as we speak here in the internet place!

Lately I have been craving a Jamba Juice but I will just have to wait. Or a nice freezy like they have in Thailand in MBK! Those sound delicious. Or horchata. Something good from the 3 cultures that I love, the US, Thailand and Mexico.

Wow Brian Call is home. How time flies! I remember his farewell! Awesome that Aaron Pyper is going on a mission. Good for him! Where is he going?

Well that is all for now. Keep praying and remember to ¨feast upon the words of Christ!¨

I love you all!


Elder Chez Green

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