Thursday, October 23, 2014

September 15, 2014 - Hello All!

I hope life is going well. Today has been a day of cleaning and getting things prepared for tomorrow at the Leader´s meeting. The sacrifices we make as leaders, but all is well! We got some nice rain today which was good, though it makes it a lot more humid.

So last Tuesday was amazing. We got to attend the temple! Wow such a great experience. I am grateful to have one so close to my mission, and in the country I am serving! So before we entered for the session, we enjoyed a message from the temple President and our Mission President. We got to meet together in the Solemn Assembly Room in the temple (in Spanish salón de semblellas I believe) This temple is one of 12 that have the room. It was a privilege and may be the only time I get to enter in a room such as that.

The session was very spiritual. I felt as though I received personal revelation and I understand a lot better the Gospel in certain aspects. The temple is so beautiful inside as always and it was a great experience. I will try to send pictures or photos another day, as I took a lot.

I have been studying a lot lately and I finished Reading the Joseph Fielding Smith book for Sunday school this year (in Spanish of course!) I am now Reading the Liahona and Jesús the Christ!

The Hodson Herald was fun to check out really quick!

Well we have a new baptism date for Luis David. He wants to be baptized the 27th of September, and he is progressing so fast that we are working for that now. He is more responsible then a lot of the youth members in the branch. The Leaders here all say he acts like a member so we are excited for him to keep improving and learning more!

This week E. Palomino and I took over for the mutual because the leaders didn´t show up and or tell someone in advance. We shared a message from For the Strength of Youth and played a game. It was enjoyable and we feel like it was worth it. We are trying our best to help the Valiente Branch here.

So transfers are next week. We will see but I am pretty sure that E. Palomino is going to leave. That will be sad but that is for next week!

Awesome Aunt Kathi got to ride in a Hot Air Balloon! Way cool! Sounds like something enjoyable for sure!

W of the Week is año. Yep year. Because I completed a year. Time flies wow. We went to the district meeting in Frailes (our zone is splint in two meetings because it is so big). We enjoyed it and feel like the Sister missionaries are improving a lot.

This week I read the talk ¨His Grace is Sufficient¨ and wow it is so great. I recommend that everyone take time to read it. He explains the Atonement and grace so perfectly. Read it!

Well I love you all. Be safe and we will talk next week! Our house is nice and clean which is great. I also have clean clothes!

Be safe, and remember ¨Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!¨

Love Chez!


Elder Green

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