Thursday, October 23, 2014

September 22, 2014 - Voy a Entrenar!

Hi Family,

Well I have some biggish news! As you could see from the title (for the Spanish speakers) I am going to be training a new Elder coming in. I will stay in my area here in Valiente. That means I am being relieved as Zone Leader. It was a good experience, and a fast one as well. But I learned a lot and now I am on to a new learning experience of helping a new Elder adapt and learn! They changed where the ZL´s live now. I didn´t expect it but I look forward to it! Pres. said that training a new missionary is the most important assignment in the mission and that is why he changed us from ZL to trainers. He also did it with his last 2 assistants and a lot of other ZL´s. I am excited and nervous as well. It will be a good experience for sure. E. Palomino will also be training for his last two transfers. E. Palomino and I were together for a transfer and a half, so about 2 months.

Today for pday we bought a nice lunch, washed clothes and printed photos. The lunch was meat and fritos and mondongo (mashed fried plantain with a garlic butter sauce. My first time eating it. So good!). A good meal and a little pricey at 700 pesos for the both of us but we got 400 pesos cause we won the raffle in the mission! Wahoo!

The baptismo for Luis David is planned for Saturday at 5pm. We are looking forward to it! He is super ready for baptism and to receive the Priesthood. We are excited for him. Most of the rest of our investigators are not progressing so with my new comp we will be on the hunt once again!

WoW is telaraƱa which is spiderweb.

I am having some pants made for me that fit better and look great. Hopefully by next week!

The room we went in, in the temple is called the sala de asambleas solemnes in Spanish. I am not sure in English.

Awesome RSL won. The other day it was cloudy and a little breezy and I got thinking about how I truly miss watching the RSL games and going to Utah Ute games as well. As I really miss sports some days but all is well. I am enjoying it here. It is pouring rain as we speak. I hope all my clothes don´t get too wet. We will see ha-ha!

Pres. also announced that we will be able to go to the temple more often! Wahoo! The Preparation Days are changing and the rules are getting more strict (following the ¨White Bible¨now like we should) but it shouldn't be too bad. They just don´t want us to travel super far and they don´t want us to be in large groups. It is all good though!

We will see tomorrow who my new comp is, coming from the MTC. We had our council with Pres. Corbitt and it was super enjoyable. I loved it a lot. He taught us more about the Atonement which was super cool. We also talked about how we can make the mission even better.

Well I think that is all. Take care everyone! Lots of love!


Elder Chez Green

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