Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014 - A double, an RBI, Stolen base and a Run Scored

Yep you guessed it, those are my stats from today! 6 missionaries came over and we went and played some baseball with all the Dominican kids. It was super fun and I know my comp was in heaven. I think we ended up tying them but it was so much fun! I played first base and feel as though I contributed well. I am not a big baseball guy but I truly enjoyed it so hey. Glad to have my glove thanks again!

This week we had an activity that turned out really well. It was crazy and everyone ended up dirty at the end but we had 4 investigators show up and 4 less actives. There was a message and then games and if you answered wrong you got shaving cream in the face. Also a search for candy with your mouth in a pile of flour! I used my jolly ranchers as the prize. Thanks for sending the odds and ends candy. For a minute I thought someone took my candy but now I see it was just odds n ends haha.

So I got a package from the Mortimer's and a huge thanks to them for that! Way cool and a lot of stuff I wanted, like UNO and Beef Jerky and the precious Granola Bars. Who knew that Granola Bars here are so expensive so they are like gold! Great stuff! Thanks a million to them! And the great note that helped a ton!

I also got the talks from Am on General Conference! Wahoo! Thanks a million Am. I loved all of them and was happy to read them again. I am also reading Jesus the Christ and I am on page like 450! I am reading it super fast but enjoying it. It is helping me understand the bible way better!

Transfers are next week but I am pretty sure that I will stay here with E. Aplanalp. He is a good guy. He loves the Giants and is happy they are winning. I will keep being happy. That is the important part!

We had the Pimentel Family at church! All 5 of them! Wahoo. But the tough thing is they aren´t married yet. Neither is the Encrnación family and only their 2 daughters made it to church this week again. We are going to keep working hard and we have hope for them! We have some less actives we are working with and other people who are either just starting or people we are going to drop for a while.

Awesome that Utah won in the last seconds. Beating USC wahoo! Great to hear RSL is in safe. Against LA will be a blast! We can do it! Also great to hear that the Utah basketball is going well!

Thanks for being a great family. I love you all and I hope we can all be together forever!

Awesome Shantaye went to Husky Howl as the Power Puff Girls. Grandma´s party sounds great! Way cool.
Be safe everyone! I think that is everything for now!

W o W is ñapa which is DR Spanish. It is like bonus. So if you want them to top off your drink for free you just sya ñapa!

Well be safe all! lots of love


Elder Chez Green

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