Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 13, 2014 - Wahoo! Playoffs!

So I saw RSL is officially in. Even without a lot of starters! Wahoo. I am wearing my RSL shirt to celebrate! Today I even got to play a little soccer. Boo yah. I was remembering the glory days from RHFC! 7 straight wahoo!

So anyways this week has had a lot of ups and downs. I fought a little bit of depression you might say but I have also been super blessed. So I just keep working hard!

So mom we ask the sister to cook for us when needed still!

WoW is jactar which means to boast. It is from the Book of Mormon!

So this week we found a new family. Last night actually. I hope they can progress and make the right decision! We have been working with a lot of people that aren´t keeping their commitments so we will keep looking for more. Little by little we go. We are talking to almost everyone we see in order to have success. I am enjoying the work though it is very hard as well!

This week was Fast Sunday and that was super great. We had a good meeting and some youth came to church which was cool. We are also working with a 19 year old less active and we talked to him about his patriarchal blessing, so I hope he can get it to help him be active and go on a mission!

The tough thing here is the Branch Pres. works a lot and he misses Sunday meetings a lot. The Branch has a lot of work to do!

Well the work keeps going. I am not sure what else happened this week. My comp loves pancakes so we make a lot of those for breakfast. All is well here!

The Internet guy is dancing right now ha-ha. Ah the DR. We have met some crazy people (it sounds mean but its true) lately. They were screaming stuff at us and what not, but I just laugh. I am talking more English because my comp is learning but all is well. I love you all and pray for each of you! Be Safe

Tell my friends and the ward hi please!

Lots of love!


Elder Chez Green

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