Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 20, 2014 - Hello All!

I hope all is well. I was just playing some UNO and eating some fried chicken. This morning we played a little baseball (catch and took some ground balls). My comp was in heaven I believe which is good. I had fun as well and I am happy to have the glove!

Yes I got my package, thank you so much! I am very grateful for the stuff especially the socks! Thanks for the glove and the Thai sauces. I was running low but I am all set now!

I am feeling better. I was just a little down after some things that happened but I am feeling better now. Thanks for asking everyone though.  We are still working with one family that seems interested. We are hopeful that they can come to church next week! The father read most of the pamphlet we read to them so we are excited for them. I feel good about them, I just pray they are ready to make a decision. They are the family Pimentel. 4 kids (one doesn´t live with them) and their parents. We don´t know if they are married though.

Luis David gave a talk on Sunday and it was really good. It was about baptism I was happy about that! He did a great job. He is ready to get or has the Priesthood now. I am looking forward to that! He has also invited his cousin to come to church with him which is awesome!

I really miss Thailand and Thai food. Sometimes I smell stuff here and it reminds me of that great place! Ahh good times.

On Sunday I gave the lesson in Priesthood but there were only 2 attendants plus the missionaries. That was a little sad.The class was on Joseph Fielding Smith´s teachings book. They have that in English right? We are working hard but the branch needs a lot of help. We always offer our help but we don´t know exactly what is needed but we will keep working with them!

Hna Marilin came to church which was great. She is having a lot of financial problems with her family and with her pregnancy. But she keeps being firm and strong. We really want to help her but it is hard. I am not sure exactly what we can do now besides wait and be patience because I don´t think she will be able to get married anytime soon sadly.

I hope RSL can get a streak going to make the playoffs running! Awesome that the Utes won again! Boo ya keep it up. We need to get a bowl game and do well in the PAC 12. Awesome the bball team looks good too!

My comp says hello to all of the family!

The pancakes we make were out of a mix but now we do from scratch. My comp usually does them though.

I have been enjoying the clouds and sky and rainbows lately. I am trying to find joy in the little things!

Well I think that is all. W o W is adios which is goodbye! Take care all!


Elder Chez Green

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