Thursday, October 23, 2014

September 29, 2014 - Ho Ho Hello!

So the moment of truth is now...

My new companion is from....

Utah! Yep that´s right! La mata (the tree) as they call it here. He is from St. George. His name is Elder Aplanalp. He likes baseball a lot. His father served here in the DR in 1984 when there was only 1 mission here which is pretty cool.

W of Week has to do with his nickname. He said that the people here always called his dad ¨Aplandora¨ which means steamroller. Pretty cool!

Being ZL was fun but I am excited to train. The baptism was really good on Saturday! We had 3 young investigators that showed up and a lot of youth as you can see from the pictures. There were some members that made it as well, which was good. Luis David asked me to do the ordinance and then E. Aplanalp participated in the confirmation on Sunday which was cool! We are excited for him to receive the Priesthood very soon. Other than that, our investigators are not really progressing so we are on the hunt again to find those that really are prepared and ready!

Pres. came to our district meeting again which was super cool. He talked bout the importance of obeying the rules and being responsible. Then he shared the story in John 4 about Jesus and the Samaritan at the well. It is a good story and he loves it. He also talked about the importance of trainers and thanked me personally for my work as a ZL in front of everyone. It was cool but I didn´t want all that attention on me.

The trainers meeting went really well in the capital last Tuesday. I learned a lot and I can really see why Pres. only wants the best and most obedient to train. I am doing my best to be as obedient as possible!

I have enjoyed these days and have really seen the hand of the Lord. We have been trying to talk to almost anyone in the street and have found a lot of less actives and some new people through that. We are putting in practice what Pres wants and we have seen the blessings!

A bummer that The Utes lost by a point and that RSL also lost.

Conference this Saturday and Sunday! Make sure you all get questions ready so the Lord can answer them through his servants. I am excited. We may be able to see it in Spanish but I am not sure. We will see!

Wow I didn´t know that the speakers can give their talk in their native tongue! That is super cool but interesting. Now when I get home I will have to have a feed in Spanish and in English. 

Well that is all for now. I love you all!


Elder Chez Green

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