Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 6, 2014 - Conference was just GREAT!

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed conference as much as I did! Even though I got most of it in Spanish. We got to see Saturday morning for an hour in English but then the WiFI fell so we only got to see that one in English. The rest were in Spanish. It was hard but good as well. Harder for my comp than me! The part that stunk is on Sunday afternoon the internet fell and we missed most of the prophet´s message. But it was super good I would say I am a happy camper!

So I loved all the talks. Way cool they were in their native tongues as well! I loved Elder Huge Martinez´s talk because of that. He spoke very well and it was cool to say that I know him. It helped me relate even more to his talk and I felt the Spirit very strongly for that one, as well as others!

I loved the talk by E. Bednar and the one by Jorg Klebinant! Jorg´s talk was great with the 6 points that I loved! He was bold and great! All were great and helped answer some questions and make me better when I apply them!

I like how Tad R. Callister talked about the importance of dedicating time to our family. That is big! That was a big theme, family and how parents can help their kids, like family prayer and study and family home evening! I liked Tad´s talk because it reminded me of the oldies song ¨Little boy blue and the Man on the Moon¨ and how that song is sad but good. We don´t want to be like that though haha.

Elder Nelson gave a great testimony of the prophet, which was another theme (prophets called of God today). They also talked about the Sacrament.

I loved E. Andersen´s example of putting on our air mask first, and that was an example I shared at the beginning of my mission in San Pedro. It was cool to see it applied in conference!

This week I also found a favorite scripture in Jacob 3 verse 1. ¨...Look unto God with firmness of mind, and pray unto him with exceeding faith, and he will console you in your afflictions and he will please your cause...¨

Very powerful and I love it so much! The Book of Mormon is great and true! Of that I know!

This week I met an Italian guy on a bus and invited him to the church page as he was on vacation. I got to talk about Italy with him with a couple Italian words, and he spoke to me in Italian slash Spanish. It was cool though!

I got the package from the Mesa park YW. Thanks a ton! It was super great and arrived just in time for conference! Wahoo!!

Today we played some soccer and cleaned the house. Now we are emailing then we will rest a little before teaching! We are still searching for families to teach. We have some but we hope they will keep progressing. We have had trouble lately with getting people to church, and only 1 investigator came to conference because it is like 25 min away walking.

Bummer RSL lost but way to go Utes. RSL will keep trucking along and make the playoffs. I have faith!

Well W of W is babosa which is snail here. My comp likes to fake fist bump people then make it look like a snail. It is pretty funny. Some people get mad, and others just laugh. I like it. We always try to be happy and joke around to get to know people! He is learning quickly, though sometimes it is very hard. All is well in the ¨Old Ship Zion¨ as our Prophet said!

Be safe. Lots of love to all!


Elder Chez Green

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