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Hola Hola Mi Familia! - October 17, 2013

Hola Familia!

So on Friday I went on splits with a missionary out in the field. I can't remember the name of the area but I do have a surprise. The missionary I went on splits with was Elder Clint Hubbard! He was two years older than me and played on the Hillcrest soccer team! That was so awesome! I enjoyed getting to teach with him. He was a great example to me in High School and now I get to see him here! He leaves in December and I am just starting. I get to work with him again tomorrow for splits as well. That is an awesome experience to get to see the places you could be serving and I went to Santo Domingo East so it could be my area. We taught one investigator and then I shared scriptures with 3 members I think. That was fun and spiritual and I actually understood more Spanish than I thought I would. I do love that feeling. I was worried going in but it all worked out. We talked to a group of ladies that were a little rambunctious which was way funny! That is a story for another time, but it sufficeth me to say that one of them said she was going to wait for me for 2 years. Ay AY AY! I told her no but that was interesting. I hear that happens a lot and you just have to brush it off. haha these people are so funny and I am starting to love them already!

An Area 70 came to the MTC on Tuesday night and gave a talk in Spanish. We had translator devices but I chose not to use it. I wanted to see how I was doing and I got a lot out of it! It was by Elder and Sister Zivic who are part of the Area 70 I believe. I really enjoyed their talk. Sister Zivic gave the talk like she was our Mother (Don't worry Mom, no one can replace you!) and that was very touching! I enjoyed the counsel she gave to us. And Elder Zivic had some good stories and advice for us as well. He told us how we need to work with members to really use all our resources. He gave an analogy that just the missionaries working is like tying a tie with one hand and if you use the members it is like using two! I enjoyed that a lot!

I got a Dear Elder from JJ which was awesome! I think you can send me dear elders to my mission home for free when I am in the field right? Don't know exactly but I believe so! Thank you so much for that! Still haven't gotten any snail-mail. Not sure if it will arrive or not, but hey, like one of the Temple workers was saying today as he gave out tic tacs! "Don't worry, be happy"! I love that man he is so very nice. His name is Brother Kunyanga I believe. Has an awesome African accent and is very loving! Today was the last time I get to go to the temple for a while probably, but all is well! I should get to go 2 times during the year so 4 times total for the next 2 years of my mission. That is a blessing compared to some missionaries who don't get to go at all!

Today will also be my last P-day for a while! Next time you hear from me, I will be in the field (or campo as they call it here). That is a crazy but very exciting thought! I can't wait to get out in the field after the taste I had last Friday! I got experience some fresh lime juice, ride the metro and just walk around to get engrossed in the culture. I loved it a ton!

Last Saturday our Teacher Hna Matos taught us how to make Tres Leches during gym time (it was worth the sacrifice) and it was delicious. I have the recipe now so I should be able to make it (though the recipe is in Spanish. Oh well, it can encourage and motivate me to learn even more! haha). It was amazing and I was glad to have a slice of heaven. Dulce, rico, y delicioso.

The Spanish lessons are getting a lot harder and I am not understanding it all. I am trying my best but Subjunctive tenses and Object pronouns (especially combined ones) are proving to be a little difficult. Also the verb haber is a bugger for me to learn. But I will keep trying hard to understand it. I really only have two more days of language lessons because Sunday's we don't get taught, Monday is orientation and then Tuesday morning early I will be out in the field or at a conference or at the mission home. However it works here. I am getting way excited for that. I am enjoying the change. It reminds me of the talk be Pres. Monson about change in our lives. I really enjoyed that talk. It also remind me of the talk of "Come What May and Love it" By Elder Wirthlin I believe. I am getting spiritually fed here, that is for sure!

I have some Mormon message videos that you can look up. They are a great watch, help you feel the spirit and are less than 5 minutes usually. "The Will of God" is an amazing one that I really enjoy! If something isn't working out in you life, watch that one and you will understand. "Earthly Father, Heavenly Father" is also super great. It makes me excited to be a Dad some day and tells us how amazing and loving our Heavenly Father really is. and how endearing the term Father should be. The last one I love is "The Sting of a Scorpion" which is the story I shared in my farewell talk. That one will always be an all time favorite. So watch them, they are great to lift spirits in times of needs or encourage you to serve others!

The word/phrase today is: "Pecho y espalda" which means your front and your back. So when you ask "Qué necesitamos?" you can respond with that. Just a phrase I learned that I liked.

I think there are about 15 in the MTC going to DR Santo Domingo East. I probably won't e-mail until next Monday, yes mom. Sorry but I will be smart and safe as always. The DR Temple was dedicated on Sept 17, 2000.

I can't believe the Utes beat number 5 Stanford! Boo ya! I am so proud. Big game for RSL coming up! I have faith in them! I am glad you are renewing the season tickets, that has always been great fun!

I love you all so much! Not sure what else there is too say! Thanks for all your support and prayers. Love you mucho mucho!



Elder Chez Green

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