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Hello Family - October 10, 2013

Hello family!

How is everyone doing? I hope all is well where you guys are (which is all over the world probably) haha. I hope that everyone enjoyed conference! If you didn´t watch it, I recommend you read some of the talks at least. I loved both of Uchtdorf´s talks he gave. I also loved the one by Richard J Maynes on Sunday Morning! That one was a delight to listen to. I liked the one by Edward Dube (he had a sweet accent). Conference is so good when you are a missionary. Our President said how conferences on your mission will be the best ones you ever watch. And I do truly believe that! I love some of the great quotes from it like "if the bitter cup doesn´t pass, drink it" which I think was Holland but I´m not sure. wow how cool is that! I also loved Richard J Maynes saying you must have Dedication Perseverance and Self Discipline. all the talks were so good. Dube said we should never look back when he gave his terrific story. I wish I had more time to talk about it all but sadly I don´t so read them instead! haha.

I also wanted to say how much of a blessing and privilege it is to have a temple here to go to. Temple work is so awesome and I love the feeling I get when I enter the temple. They are so beautiful too!

I hope the Utes and RSL are doing alright. Gotta bounce back from losses, just like in life.

I got the privilege to watch a talk by Bednar for missionaries only titled "The Characteristics of Christ" wow was that amazing. President Freestone said that is the best talk he thinks he has heard in years. It really is life changing. There is a similar talk he gave at BYUI (so Am you may have heard it) about the same thing. You can google it and find the transcript it is so cool. One thing I got out of the talk was to read the BOM with a question in mind. One question mark it all up (so get a cheap copy) and write on it then once you finish the BOM and have read it all the way through write a one or two paragraph summary answering your question. He said once your are his age you should have a book case full of BOM´s with a question on the inside of each of them. I thought that was awesome. I have also been studying the Power of the Atonement and how amazing that is. How it was only possible through Christ like attributes that we can have that privilege to be forgiven. I love studying that topic. It shows you so much and what sacrafic truly is. I recommend the talk Bednar gave at BYUI. There are some great insights and stories you get from it.

I also challenge you all to watch the Mormon Message "Mountains to Climb" on It is amazing. Made me cry like a little baby! But it is so amazing. That is one challenge you only need 5 min to do, so please at least do that one. But I recommend the other things just as much or more!

I am still having a ton of fun here! Which is so important right! I love my teacher Hmo Rodriguez. He shares amazing stories with us almost every night and he gets really personally and to the point with us. I just ahve a connection with him I would have never guessed in my life with an MTC teacher I´ll only know for 6 weeks. Its pretty awesome. I think we are going to make Tres Leches cake with our teacher Hma Matos on Saturday. I am really looking forward to that!

I went to the University last Friday and that was a blast. We talked to a lot of people (maybe like 15 or 17) there and gave out BOMs and pamphlets to them. Now tomorrow I get to go on splits with missionaries in the field and teach real investigator lessons and find people to teach! How cool and exciting that is, but very nerve racking!

My mission president has been pretty awesome. I am grateful he is here to help and guide us in the the MTC and it is nice getting actually face time with him since there are 60 to 70 missionaries here compared to Provo MTC. He loves teaching the gospel so he enjoys being in the MTC with a captive audience he said. He is a great man, and his wife is super nice too.

Word of the day is Cheverre which means cool. They use that so much here! it is probably their favorite word. Its pretty great!

Mom I will have to find the Bible video now of Jesus casting him out! I love that scripture. I can watch those here on my gym time but I am not sure how it will work in the field. I probably won´t have much access to electronic things. It´s about a second world country from what I can see, traffic is somewhat crazy but decent. People will be really poor though and I have heard stories about water going out for a day or two. And that there are some places that are run down but that´s everywhere.

I can´t believe it has already been 4 weeks! That is crazy! I still have not received your letter Mom or the one from Am. I hope they come soon but Se la vi! I will work on the mission address here! They have nice washers and dryers here! I also bought stain remover at the store for my shirt collars and anything else I need!

I am drawing a blank on anything else to share so I love you all very much! keep working hard and having fun. Keep praying everyday, I know it makes a difference. Besos y Abrazos!
Elder Chez Green

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