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Mi familia! - October 3, 2013

Hi Family!!
How is everything going back in the USA/International travel (I can't say Utah because you are all so spread out now, and I won't even think about commenting about the weather because it's all probably different for each of you!) I first off have a couple requests (Oh and I'm not sure how to get my enter key to work again, it seems like every week you have to do something to get it to work, but I don't know what.) 
Well this week has been pretty good. Last Friday we got to go to the university that is about a mile and did some street contacting. What a huge surprise that was! Wow talk about getting thrown into the fire 2 weeks in or so. But it was a good experience. My companion and I handed out I think 6-7 pamphlets about the restoration and one Book of Mormon. We had a cool experience too with the first person that we contacted. His name was Isaac and he was part of the Evangelical church. (This is a real person mind you, not a "investigator") We were trying our best to talk in Spanish with him but we found out that he understands English and that is what he really want to talk in. So we said what we could in Spanish and did the rest in English. He seemed very interested and was very polite. He was 17 years old I believe and had been in college since he was 15 and 1/2. Talk about a smart kid! We read part of the introduction of the book of Mormon and encouraged him to read some more. We also left the phone number for some missionaries who he could talk to more about the gospel. Wow what a cool experience, all while I was still part of the MTC. I am grateful that I had that opportunity, and I get to do it again tomorrow, so wish me luck and pray for me. Its very intimating to just go up to people and talk gospel. It's very new for me.

Sundays are usually really good. Last Sunday we got a Doctrinal Class from the MTC President, Pres. Freestone. He does it every week but last weeks was especially good. He talked about obedience and how important it is on a mission. Way awesome stuff there! I loved it a lot. He gave great scriptural references for it, mentioned conference talks and all of that good stuff! It's nice to get those every week, because then you learn in detail about certain subjects, not that you will ever teach your investigators that. Pres. Freestone also told a very good, personal story about his mother and her obedience through a hard life of divorce, and other hardships. It was very touching and I loved it a lot. (FYI found a tough way to do paragraphs ha-ha) We also get to watch a church movie every Sunday and this week it was "How Rare a Possession". I had never seen that but I thought it was very good! It's my one chance to watch movies here! Even if they are just church ones, they are still really good and uplifting! I enjoy that part a lot!

My teacher Hmo Rodriguez served in the Santiago Mission Dad. He has some awesome stories that really help you understand what missionary life is like and I am grateful for that! He and Hmo Nuñez have been telling us stories about their missions and it is great to hear. I love journaling what they have shared so that I can remember it for later. One of Hmo Rodriguez's stories was from last year when he was an EFY music director for they opening of EFY in the DR. He had prepared some great work but there ended up being a tropical storm that canceled the week of EFY. He talked about Bednar's talk where he mentions "Faith to not be healed" and he shared a scripture in Juan about Jesus casting out an evil spirit in a man's son. The man said "help thou my unbelief". (I can't remember the exact scripture right now, sorry) I love that scripture a lot and am grateful Jamie Pruden shared it with me in YM a while ago.

I get to go to the store next Tuesday for the last time I believe which will be good! I am looking forward to that. The store has almost everything we do at a Wal-Mart. It is pretty nice and they also have ATM's so you can get cash out to use!

Thanks for the sports updates mom and dad! I appreciate it. A real bugger that RSL did not win the Open Cup! How is that even possible! Crazy we started reserves in the Vancouver game. I wonder what is going on with my team right now! But oh well. Mom have fun at the UCLA Utah game tonight and cheer loud! I am wearing my Utah shirt to support them! Go Utes!

Grandma and Grandpa I love you guys so much! I am glad that you are reading my emails and thanks so much for your generosity. It is greatly appreciated I hope you know! I also wanted to thank both of you for being great examples to me as grandparents. I have been blessed with great grandparents on both sides of my family and I truly believe that makes a huge difference. So thank you for all you do!

I am not sure what else. I think that is mostly everything. Oh Spanish phrases this week are Machuca (fist bump) and Chocala (high five). I will be using those with the niños for sure. I hope all the missionaries that are out in the field are doing great, especially those from our ward! I love all of you!

Mom and Dad I don't really need anything right now and I have no idea what would be a good gift for Christmas. Maybe something cool that you could just buy, wrap up and leave on my bed for two years for when I get back hahaha. I will try to think about it and get back to you! Love you all so much! "Go my favorite sports team go" as Brian Reagan would say.

Elder Chez Green

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