Monday, June 23, 2014

June 2, 2014 - Hi Family!

Hello Lovely family!

I just wanted to tell everyone hello first off! I love you all! We had another baptism this week which was super awesome. It was with Hna Eufemia. Let me tell you a little about her story. She first met the missionaries in December of 2010 and since then she has been reading the BOM and visiting church. Yes for almost 4 years! She hasn´t been able to be baptized because her spouse doesn´t have any records so they can´t get married. So she got special permission to be baptized which is super awesome and she is now an official member after more than 3 years in the church. Talk about enduring to the end. She has a great testimony and we are very excited for her now that she can receive a calling and truly progress in the church. So we had the baptism on Saturday night and it was pretty great!

Other than that we haven´t really visited the Valdez family as they are still visiting another church. Samuel is doing well and now has a white shirt and tie. We also have Hna DiosDery and her son Enderson which are super solid. We invited them to pray about a baptismal date and we hope it can come soon. She has visited the church a lot before but now her spouse doesn´t live with her so the time just may be right. We sure hope so and are working well with her! She has 3 kids, a new born baby that is about the same age as Connor then a 6 yr old and Enderson who is 15. The rest of our area is progressing little by little but there are always difficulties. It is also difficult to listen to so many meetings here in the DR when they really don´t want to do much but we will keep working no matter what! 

So today we had the last activity with Pres. and Hna Hernandez. It was a little sad. We had a BBQ and played soccer. I forgot my soccer shoes but it was still fun. I scored a goal like Alvaro Saborio did against Seattle a couple playoffs ago when he flicked it with his back heel. That was the highlight of the day as well as sharing and talking with my buddies in the mission.

I hope Cara is improving! I am praying for her a lot and I did a special fast to keep her in my prayers! I hope the rest of the family is doing well, especially all the cousins!

I got the package and it was great! Thanks for the magazine, ties are beautiful! ( I gave one to E. Turketo) the foldable cups, chicken n a biscuit and all of that great stuff! I am super happy for the RSL mug and towels as well as the meds to help keep me safe and thermometer! Thanks a million!

A special shout out to JJ happy birthday! I hope it was great. As well as to Jay and to Kevin as one has passed and one is coming up!

W of the W is comadrona which is midwife here in the DR! I am not sure what it is in other countries. Well I think that is all. I love you guys. Be safe and smile big. Don´t worry be happy now! Doo doo doo do dooda doo da do!


Elder Chez Green

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