Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014 - Hi Family! World Cup Fever!

So I have official overcome my regular fever and my sickness and I now how World Cup fever! Ha ha pretty great, though I am doing my best to get unfocused on why I am here. Great news the USA beat Ghana and heartbreaking that they only tied Portugal, with the lead and everything. Darn but we can still do it! That gives us 4 points and Portugal only has 1 so if we win or tie against Germany or Portugal loses to Ghana, we should be in! There have been some crazy stuff going on in the soccer world, but you all know way better than me. I hear tidbits here and there. I at first heard USA lost to Portugal so I was sad, then I heard they won and I was super happy and a tie just brought me back to even Spirits. ha ha the joys of miss communication!

So this Saturday I got to participate in a baptism for the other Elder´s area! It was pretty cool! When I did the interview she asked if I could baptize here because she felt like the spirit wanted her to ask me. So I ended up doing it. It was pretty cool, though a little different to baptize someone and I didn´t even help teach. Her daughter and cousin also got baptized. It was a good service!

I hope everyone else is doing well. I have overcome my sickness which is nice. I am still really tired some days but overall I feel good again! A week and 2 days was difficult to be in the house but the Lord understands. Our area is not doing so well though. We have 2 baptismal dates for the 5th of July, but after that we don´t have anyone progressing really. It is a little tough but we will keep working hard. It is crazy that E. Turketo and I will be together for antoher 8 weeks. That is a long transfer but we get along well so it should be good!

Have fun Shantaye at youth conference! I hope it is great! Crazy that Ghana tied Germany! Wow I didn´t see that coming. We need a tie or a win and we can do it! Go USA!

Well there isn´t much more than that. I love you all very much. Not many photos this week which is unfortunate but we didn´t do much. We will keep working and trying to help people! I love you all! Be safe!


Elder Chez Green

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