Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14, 2014 - Hi All, So first off don´t worry about what I am going to tell you!

I say that because everything had a happy ending so I want you all to be happy! But last night we were waiting for the bishop so he could visit a new investigator with us and a man walked up to us. He smelled drunk and started asking us questions and we talked a little bit. Then he asked for our cell phone kind of jokingly, but then he said give it to him so nothing else happens. Then he asked for the new Nike watch I bought as well. So we handed it over obviously because that is mission rules and it isn´t worth a conflict.

So we walked to a members house right after and told a less active of about 16 years. He went straight after the guy. Then we told more of the members family (they are a huge family of like 7 siblings, one of which is the bishop, and they all have kids. It is like 30 all together I believe and they all live pretty close, but anyways) the family like went after the guy and the whole community united to put him in custody. We were not involved but we could hear the ruckus. So they took him to the police station and they put him in custody. We then took our statement and they found our stuff but they had to keep it for evidence. At this point everyone knew what was going on, but the bishop walked us back to our house and then we talked to the ZL´s and it all seemed good. Then this morning they asked that we come back at 8 am. So we went and it turns out that the guy who robbed us, his brother is a police captain. And that the guy who robbed us is ex police. So we meet his brother and Mom and they asked us to forgive him really. So we talked to our Mission Pres and he said that would be a good idea. We were using our Christ like attributes. It is crazy how I am changing on that side of things here. I didn´t really even feel mad at the guy when it happened. But anyways we talked to them and we decided to drop it (E.Turketo and I). Then we met the guy and his name is Ramon. And he apologized to us and we talked to him about repentance and forgiveness. Then our Mission Pres wanted us all to go to the office so he could meet them all. He said that we all forgive him but he wants us to start teaching him! Yep that is exactly what happened. So we now have all the info of the family and we will see how it goes.

But pretty much to sum up the story, we went from being robbed to finding a new investigator. And so ya that is the story. It wasn´t really a dangerous situation, because E. Turketo and I didn´t feel in danger when he robbed us. But it all turned out well. We will see if he comes to our appointment in the church on Friday night. We will be sure to be accompanied by a priesthood leader just in case but all seems well! So we will see if he has the desire to change. Very interesting experience but I thought I would share it with you all. The Lord works in strange ways! But please don´t worry. It happened on a street corner and there were people around and the members house was literally 20 feet away, so we were not worried. And the odds of 2 against one is pretty good if anything goes down (E. Turketo used to box as well) But ya that is the story!

I am about to finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the first time! I am super excited! I invite all of you to read it! It is super great. Take a chance! Go on make my day! :)

So that took up part of our P day to get that all resolved. Then we played some soccer and as a zone we got free pizza because we cleaned our houses! Boo ya pizza party!

So I have almost all of my bday gifts, except I haven´t gotten the tube yet. It is hard to see them everyday and not have the desire to open them but I am fighting it haha!

We also had a zone meeting on Thursday and I shared a talk for the whole zone. I felt like it went pretty well honestly!

W of the W is haragan which means lazy chair(boy) or a recliner chair. But they use it here as slang to say like someone is super lazy. Tu eres un haragan. It is pretty funny!

Oh so we have a new motto for the mission. GOOD JUDGMENT! I like it but I feel like a lot of missionaries could abuse it. We will see.

Crazy about Germany smashing Brazil. And then like I predicted they won it all. I saw glimpses in the street of some of the game but congrats to the Germans! I like their team a lot. Super young and enjoyable to watch!

Wow Lebron went back to Cleveland! What a surprise!

Interviews will be coming this week on Wed.. Our mission Pres is super loving which is great and any questions I don´t know in Spanish, he speaks English! Wahoo!

Well I love you all! Be safe and don´t worry about me. I am safe and sound (like the TSwift song from hunger games) Love yall!


Elder Chez Green

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