Monday, July 14, 2014

July 7, 2014 - Happy Days!

Hey y'all, I hope all is well in your respective places! I am doing well here, though the heat is outrageous! We are working hard here and it is going well. Not always easy but well. We had two baptisms on the 4th of July! What a great way to celebrate! It was very spiritual and it looks like they are very prepared. We are excited for them which is good! The bautismo went well, the Sister asked E. Turekto to baptize her and I was asked by Enderson the son. It was a great experience and we truly are excited for them!

So besides that, 4th of July was pretty well celebrated by E. Jenkins and I. We bought a great DR fast food called yaroa, which is shredded chicken, fries and cheese all put together with ketchup and mayo. So good! It was great. I also drank a vanilla coke, a mountain dew, some Doritos and a snickers. It was sweet, though I really missed seeing the fireworks. Those are my favorite and honestly this is like my favorite holiday. But I hope that everyone enjoyed it. America! Boo Ya!

Thanks a ton for the Vitamins. I look forward to taking them every morning! ha-ha weird I know but our diet here isn´t very healthy so it is nice to have. More Thai sauce is great. So delicious. And I have so many gifts. Thanks a ton but that is so much! You all got me too much but thank you. I will be sure to tone it down a lot!

Today we went to la Duarte and checked out some shops. It is really just like thrift shopping there. Everything is used stuff sent from the US that they sell. I am not a huge fan. I like shopping in Thailand a lot more where there are a ton of people but it is more organized and the stuff is almost always new. Not like here where they don´t care much about what they sell but all is well.

So W of the Week is expiación which means Atonement. As in the atonement of Jesus Christ. It is church Spanish lingo but it is a great word.

I had the leadership meeting last Tuesday and we have interviews this Friday with the new President. I met him last Tuesday and he is very cool. Bringing a different perspective to the mission but I am looking forward to it. I hope it keeps getting better. I sent a picture with them to mom and dad. The meeting went well. I think we will see some changes here but all is well.

Bugger the US couldn´t win. Sad Beckerman didn´t play much either but I heard we played well and we advanced out of the group of death which is huge for the USA! We are getting better, that is for sure! We gotta keep it up, with more youth!

Congrats to the Pruden and Burr families for their baptisms! Super awesome!! Great to hear that RSL won! Thanks for all the updates and info! Well I love you all. Tell everyone hi and be safe! Go Germany for the final! That is who I am cheering for. Thomas Muller is so bomb! Wahoo. Love ya!


Elder Chez Green

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