Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 - Surprise Transfer!

Hey ya'll so first off, thanks for the birthday wishes but I have a surprise for you. On Wednesday we had our interviews right. So that went super well and our Pres is super awesome. Very spiritual and he wants to help get this mission going even better. That is pretty awesome I would say. I enjoyed talking with him and it went well. He talked about the importance of trust and loyalty not to him, but to the Lord. Pretty awesome! Anyways we talked for a while. I was the first of the district to be interviewed and I wasn´t sure why. It didn't click or anything. But then E. Turketo and I were teaching and Pres called us about 6 35 pm, 2 hours after the interviews. He then asked me if I would accept the calling as Zone Leader in the zone Las Americas. I said yes and from that day on I hurry and said goodbye to people and started to pack.

Yep so I am now ZL in Las Americas! Wow I didn't see that coming, and especially not a special transfer like it happened. Right in the middle of the normal transfer! Wow ahah. But here am I in Las Americas. It is really close to the airport. And our area is almost all dirt roads! It is crazy. We are in a branch and it is a house. We live right next door to the church. Literally right next door! That part is pretty cool. The church is on ground level and we live above and to the right of it on the second level. To get to my area I got a ride from the AP's´s which was nice as I had a fair amount of stuff.

My new comp, E. Palomino from Nicaragua! We lived in the same house in Los Mameyes for a transfer and now he is training me to be ZL! He is a good guy and I am excited to learn a lot from him. I really don´t know much but I am working hard.

Our zone has 32 missionaries, the biggest in the mission I believe! And 14 of them are sisters! Wow that is big! We have a lot of work ahead of us in order to improve this zone but we are working on goals in order to do so.

So today my comp got me cake, which was pretty awesome! He is a good guy! I am planning to share it with him and the other elders in the house. He is a great! I ate fried rice with some fries and chicken for lunch. We are going shopping after this so hopefully I can buy some good stuff for dinner.

So the bad news is right when I got here a problem started with the water pump. So we are doing buckets again. Not super fun but it happens so we are still smiling.

So time flies here. I am not sure what I am missing. Thanks for all the gifts. I really appreciate it. They are all so great. I love the Jersey that I got. Wahoo! Well life is going well. I am super tired now. I got to go to a meeting and I have been traveling a lot. I haven´t visited so many areas in 4 days. It is pretty crazy but I am learning a lot. Well I will try to do better next week but I love you all! Be happy don´t worry!



Elder Chez Green

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